Dating Nikki Sixx

Single, Taken, Mentally Dating Nikki Sixx Slim Fit T-Shirt. The trek, which was originally set to kick off July 7 in Miami, will now commence June 21 in San Antonio. The six other new dates will be in Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Tickets for the new leg of dates will go on sale Monday, Jan ... Nikki Sixx and Denise Richards dated briefly in late-2010 to early-2011. Other famous women Nikki Sixx dated include Kat Von D, Jenna Jameson, and Vanity. Did you know that Nikki Sixx had such an impressive dating history? Take a look at this list to learn more about the Nikki Sixx dating history. Relationship dating details of Nikki Sixx and Kimberly Foster and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with. Follow @ShagTree. HOME TOP-10 DIRECTORY PROFILE 1+1 VS. SIX-DEGREES Nikki Sixx and Kimberly Foster. Nikki Sixx. 1 votes. Alycen Rowse. Jenna Jameson. Demi Moore. Dee Dee Keel. Rita Rae Roxx. Lita Ford. Roxana Shirazi ... More about the Nikki Sixx and Jenna Jameson dating / relationship. More about the Nikki Sixx and Demi Moore dating / relationship. More about the Nikki Sixx and Dee Dee Keel dating / relationship. More about the Nikki Sixx and Rita Rae Roxx dating / relationship. More about the Nikki Sixx and Lita Ford dating / relationship. Denise Richards Is Dating Nikki Sixx! By Us Weekly December 15, 2010 12:30 PM ET Denise Richards just can't stay away from the bad boys. After a tumultuous marriage to Charlie Sheen and a rocky relationship with Richie Sambora, the star, 39, has been quietly dating Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx ... Nikki Sixx is rumoured to have hooked up with Melissa Cunningham (2007).. About. Nikki Sixx is a 61 year old American Musician. Born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr. on 11th December, 1958 in San Jose, California, USA, he is famous for Mötley Crüe and Sixx: A.M. in a career that spans 1975–present. Nikki Sixx and Ariana Grande are separted by 7 romantic connections Nikki Sixx 1. Kimberly Foster and Nikki Sixx separated in May 1986 after dating for 1 year... [view relationship] ... Big Sean and Ariana Grande separated on 8th Apr 2015 after dating for 9 months... [view relationship] Who is Nikki Sixx dating? Nikki Sixx is currently married to Courtney Sixx. The couple started dating in 2010 and have been together for around 9 years, 8 months, and 28 days. The American Bassist was born in San Jose, CA on December 11, 1958. Bassist for the hard rock band Motley Crue who is also an author and fashion designer. About the ... The former Baywatch star filed for divorce from Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx in 2006 after nine years of marriage, and now, she’s enlisting Patti Stanger to help her dive back into dating. Denise Richards has confirmed that she's dating Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx. During a visit to Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live , Richards was asked by host Andy Cohen about reports that she and ...

I'm so tired. Do I really deserve better than this?

2020.06.19 14:00 BatPumpkin I'm so tired. Do I really deserve better than this?

CWs: verbal abuse (?), depression, ableism; mentions of pedophilia, suicidal ideation
I feel like I'm the only one in my household who's self-aware, and it's exhausting.
My mom gets to yell at the cats and put me down whenever she needs to let it out. But when I express my negative emotions, I'm too sensitive, I need to get over it, etc.
I feel like my parents don't care about whether I'm heard or not: they just want me to shut up. The only thing they like from me is when I'm happy or goofy. Sometimes it goes as far as trying to guilt me into not having feelings. When struggling with my grandma's death (still am), my mom said, "You have to let it go or else she won't be able to rest in peace!"
I am trying so, so hard to give my parents the benefit of the doubt. I want to give them room to grow. I do my best not to treat them the way they've treated me, because I feel like it'll only perpetuate the cycle. But I feel like I don't receive this same courtesy. Moreover, I feel like I don't *deserve* the same courtesy.
Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I feel like I have to make myself seem immaculate like the people I looked up to - like my grandma, or my manager at work who never lashed out at people. But even if I maintain that illusion, I feel guilty for being "fake."
I've just wanted to be loved and supported - not unconditionally, but in a way where the other party and I are able to speak honestly about our feelings, hear each other out, and work it out. I'm upset because I don't understand why it can't be this way with my parents.
To quote a screenshot I saw from Bojack Horseman, I feel like "they're only proud of me on their terms." It hurts because I'm so used to being proud of myself for accomplishing a small thing, only to get shot down because it's "not enough."
I feel like self-awareness and change only mattered to them when lupus put me in the hospital, and they feared I wouldn't come back the same way. I was really hoping that the incident with my lupus changed them for the better, but it didn't last.
A lot of times, I just curl up to my pillow and imagine Nikki Sixx (my first official celeb crush) is there, hugging me tight and validating my feelings. Being affectionate and playful with me without worrying about me being "too sensitive" because he understands boundaries. (One parent kept being inappropriate with me, and another wasn't affectionate at all because they feared being accused of being a child molester.) Being empathetic to my depression because he's been in my shoes, and worse.
Yeah, maybe the stuff my crush posts on social media is smoke and mirrors. His family definitely isn't perfect. But he actually cares. He wants to break the cycle of what he went through as a kid. He's doing his best to give his kids better than what he had. And that's all I've ever wanted: to be loved, supported, and listened to. Someone who won't get mad at me when I'm sad. And I can't help but wonder: what do I have to do to deserve to be loved like that?
I dated an online predator for three years; he was in his 30s, and I was around 12 - 15. I stuck with him because I thought no one else would want me. I thought it was the only way to get the love I wanted. That, among other things I've gone through, is part of how I forced myself to grow up too fast in hopes that I'd finally be worth loving. Now I'm 23, and I mourn the loss of my childhood. I'm trying to do my best with what I have now, though.
The person I'm closest to now, S...Dad likes to do whatever to put him down. He makes fun of S because he's blind in one eye and can't drive because of his seizures. He thinks his gifts aren't extravagant enough (he buys my Mom brand name stuff). Dad always finds something negative to say about him, when the truth is, S has helped me more than either of them ever have. Hell, S was the one who helped me learn how to drive on the freeway. Despite being unable to drive, he had enough experience being in the passenger seat that he was able to explain things, be patient, and help me stay calm. Now I don't fear the freeway at all.
I haven't been able to visit S because of COVID-19 stuff. But the other week, he did visit to drop off a present for me, and I got to hug him. He's understanding that I have to be careful about leaving the house because of my compromised immune system.
So, what am I hoping to accomplish from sharing all this? Just some reassurance, validation, and comfort. I feel like there's something inherently wrong with me - that God made a mistake, and that since I'm too scared to off myself, maybe the lupus is the way of having my body self-destruct. I want to be reassured that it's okay for me to work towards something better, and that I do deserve better than what I have now.
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2020.02.15 22:47 cabbage_patch_dick I have been struggling with poly-substance abuse for over 10 years now.

I am finally writing this down after years of confusion, frustration and isolation. This post is meant to be something permanent that I can look back on when I feel weak and need a reminder of why I NEED to change.
I'm 27 years old, almost 28. I've been habitually using drugs since I was 16 years old. Mainly opiates, alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, and benzodiazepines.
I'm lucky enough (I don't know if lucky is the right word), to have never really have had to actually spend much money on these things, aside from the booze, weed, and cigarettes/vape stuff. It's always been just given to me from friends/family that had extra meds that they didn't want/need.
Like a lot of people on this sub, I was staunchly against any type of drug usage, until one day I just wasn't anymore. I was raised in a family where drug use was looked down on, even though I have a parent who consumed/s ungodly amounts of prescribed opiates, benzos, and amphetamines. I always knew that this parent had to take medications that would make them act odd, or tired. I just assumed this person was sick and not high as balls damn near all the time.
My story starts when I was 16 and finally coming out of my shell (I have always been very reserved and have struggled with anxiety and depression). I remember that I was finally starting to make friends and put myself out there, but not a month later, my parents announced that we would be moving across the country. At this point I was still anti-drug, I think I had a total of 10 beers in my life at this point.
When we moved it was very difficult for me to adjust, like I said before, I was always shy/standoffish, so making friends wasn't the easiest thing for me. I was so incredibly lonely at this time, and like a lot of people, I really connected with music I was listening to at the time. People like Nikki Sixx, Keith Richards, and Ozzy Osbourne were my absolute heroes. I read all their biographies and wanted to be exactly like them. For some reason I thought that the key to talent and likability was through drugs. This is precisely where I trace my drug usage to; I just wanted to be happy and loved, and thought drug usage would unlock some sort of untapped creativity in my brain. At first I was just alright with alcohol and cigarettes, then weed came along, AND THEN I discovered 10mg norcos.
I fell in love immediately. When I was high on those things I couldn't feel lonely, I couldn't feel sad, I could only feel happy and confident, no matter how alone I actually was. At this time I actually preferred weed, I just didn't have the means to get any since I knew no one. I just kept popping my free 10mg norcos like candy.
Fast forward a couple of years and I had graduated to 8mg dilaudids. Only sniffing, surprisingly I've never used a needle. Also by this point I had a couple of weed connections and was smoking a pack a day of Marlboro Reds at 17-18 years old, not that uncommon. Still bad though.
I dropped out of high school at this point, for reasons that I'm still not 100% sure of. I think anxiety and the fact that I didn't really fit in with anyone in this state we moved to. I just wanted to be alone and do my drugs, because when I had my drugs, nothing mattered, except what was going on directly in front of me at that exact moment in time. That little feature of drugs doesn't last forever.
Soon enough I was kicked out of my parents home for drug usage, even though one of them was using WAY more than I was. This is when I moved into a shitty apartment complex, ended up getting arrested for weed and began my love affair with alcohol. I was on probation, so I couldn't smoke and my dumb ass thought drinking a 12-pack every night was a good idea. I somehow I only ever pissed dirty for opiates. I had an old bottle of norcos that got me out of that one.
Even after I got off probation, I continued to drink. I mean, at that point, I was addicted. I drank excessively every night for nearly 6 years, still taking opiates as well.
I eventually tapered off the drinking to very occasionally, because I started to date a girl who didn't drink and that was honestly the only thing I couldn't hide. I used benzos a lot for a couple months and quit those as well, because they fucked up my dick. The withdrawal from a 2 month benzo binge lasted about the same amount of time as I was taking them. And FUCK did it suck. I felt like I was going insane.
Right now I'm detoxing from the opiates using kratom. I'm so fucking done with this shit. It's been nothing but an endless cycle of doing drugs and doing absolutely nothing. If you can even call that a cycle, more like sitting stagnant for a decade. I love opiates, but they make me content with being nothing, and like all my heroes warned in their books, you have to take more and more, just to feel normal, not even high, just normal. I've finally got a few good things going for me and I'm not about to let that shit slip through my fingers, like every other good thing I've ever had. I'm claiming my life as my own, if the people around me want to continue diving deeper into a pit, so be it. I've done my time and I've come to find that there's nothing down there aside from rocks that hurt really badly when you finally hit them.
I've quit booze, quit cigarettes, I'm down to 1.5mg nicotine in my vape, only use benzos for things like job interviews, and I'm going to kick opiate addiction's ass. Day #2 right now and I honestly expected worse, but I fully expect it to get worse. The kratom really helps with the withdrawal symptoms, but I get zero euphoria from it. Apparently some people get a euphoric buzz from it, but I'm perfectly fine with it just keeping me from getting sick.
I enrolled in college last semester and am considering talking to one of the free councilors that they have on campus. After a long talk with my girlfriend this morning, I realized that I have a lot of issues that I keep pushing down. For once in my life I have someone who I can feel truly cares for me and I'm not going to allow myself to let her down. Probably never going to quit that ganja though, and will occasionally take heavier psychedelics, but everything else can go fuck itself. Maybe when I'm a successful retired old man I'll get back in to opiates, like the grandpa from Little Miss Sunshine, but for now FUCK OPIATES.
Best of luck to any of you who are dealing with a similar situation. We can be here for each other.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading and if any of this resonates with you, feel free to comment or send me a DM. Best of luck and I wish for nothing but true happiness for you all. :)
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2019.04.15 12:05 StarsAreMine13 Celebrity Autobiography/Memoirs

First time poster so forgive the rudimentary style.
And thank you for any help I can get, bc I’m running out of an entire genre of books! I tend to pretty much focus on non fiction. I am obsessed with celebrity memoirs and Autobiographies. I’ve read so many I feel Theres no one left. If you can suggest a book that is not on the list of people I have covered I’d be eternally grateful. Some Of the basics I’ve read : Lee Grant, Sally Field, Tina Turner, (also not written by her but) Jackie O, JFK jr, robin Williams, Mia farrow, Tiffany Haddish,Karine Stefans, Patti LuPone, Nikki Sixx, Mel B, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Scott Thomson/Liberace, Freddy Mercury and his partner Jim, Andy Cohen Amy Schumer, Patti Boyd Janice Dickinson Sharon Osbourne, David Spade Chris O’Dell, the three girls held hostage in a basement for 10 years (can’t think of their name forgive me ) Brandi Glanville Erika Jayne, Tom Cruise (by Andrew Morton)
I especially especially love memoirs about relationships with celebrities such as Patti Boyd’s book about her marriage to George Harrison/Eric Clapton, and another book by some stripper who dated Joe Walsh. So if you have a book about a celebrity relationship that would be extra points in my book. (Pun very much intended ...) (however I did not care for “Let’s Spend the Night Together” or the book about Steve Jobs for some strange reason )
Some Fiction books I’ve liked: Big Little Lies, Tampa , Room (Just to help you get a feel For my taste) but these books are few and far between.
Thanks so much again ;)
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2018.07.09 08:07 iminterestingplease Part 32

5741.(Duo name change.)Rogers and Hammerstein/Rodgers And Hammerstein
Add-On: Do you remember the CBS logo looking different than it does now?(Anything else off?)(Did the C stand for something like Canadian or Central?)
Add-On: Do you remember Louis not being also pronounced like Louie?
Add-On: Do you remember certain gestures in Interview With The Vampire being different?(Do you remember the Ts in Color With Paint not having the left side cut off?)(Anything else off?)(Signourey WeaveSigourney Weaver)(Did the term Neck Beard not exist?)(Baskin-Robins/Baskin-Robbins)(Adams Family/The Addams Family)(Were the letters in The Darkest Minds not connected?)(Michael Jackson didn't die in 2006?)(Creedance Clear Water Revival/Creedence Clearwater Revival)(Mandela Effect YouTubers' video titles changed.)(Lost Boys/The Lost Boys)(Is the pronunciation for New Orleans different?)(Are certain things in American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Beavis And Butt-head,(Butt-Head or Buthead?)King Of The Hill, Futurama, The Simpsons, or South Park different?)(Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone vs. Philosopher's Stone, and is it off?)(Grey's Anatomy title vs. Gray's Anatomy title, and is that off?)(Has the Target logo, Hillary Clinton, Walmart, Apollo 13 quote, Coca-Cola, The Flintstones, and Froot Loops all went back and forth?)(Have the McDonald's logo, or arches changed again, and is there a new 1960's logo?)(Did the Stonehenge restoration never happen, and were the stones naturally the way they are instead of moved?)(Are there more new clouds, and new colored skies?)(Was the D in SunnyD white?)(Do you remember blue skies not being fake since 1944?)(Is Puerto Rico pronounced different?)(Was there not two amygdalae, and was the plural amygdalas?)(FilmakeFilmmaker)(All words like filmmaker are different?)(Has Marriott switched to Marriot, and back?)(Do any Kidde, or Duraflame products look off?)(Is the reggae song John Crow off?)(Have you heard of the mantis shrimp?)(Is learning about Pangaea off now in the way it's taught?)(Were crows not able to mimic human speech?)(Is George Washington on the quarter different, and is the back of the quarter different?)(Alphabets/Alphabits/Alpha-Bits, and is the logo off?))(The Doors vs. Doors album covers, and actual name.)YouTube channels and video that have existed for a while pop up, and videos disappear, reappear, or are duplicated.)(Merciful Fate/Mercyful Fate, and are the song lyrics off?)(Is the Shark Week logo off?)(Is Mexico pronounced different, and did it not go by other names?)(Did Crystal Pepsi become Crystal Clear Pepsi and then back?)(Did Pepsi Max become Pepsi Maxx for a while?)(The Thompson Twins/Thompson Twins)(Was Corey Feldman not friends with Michael Jackson, and did Corey not ever sing?)(Was Corey Feldman dead, and Corey Haim still alive, or were they both alive, or both dead?)(Is the U.S. map different?)(Is the NeEd InPuT channel name off?)(Have you heard of the corpse flower, Honduran white bat, or pink eyed grasshoppers?)(Usual Suspects/The Usual Suspects)(Has Uncle Sam's hat changed again?)(Has the back of the penny, dime, nickel, $1 bill, $5 bill, $10 bill, $20 bill, $50 bill, or $100 bill changed?)(Was Billy 93-94 around 2013-2014 instead of 95-96?)(Does the triple horizontal line notification on certain websites, and the bell icon on Facebook look different?)(Have you heard of a snake with a jack-o'-lantern(Jack-O-Lantern?)pattern on its skin?)(Has the spelling rules for words like Theatre changed again?)(Does the iSpotTV logo, or name look off?)(Has The Last Supper changed again?)(Wile E. Coyote now has yellow eyes.)(The other sunset car logos are off now.)(Is the Imagine music video by John Lennon background off?)(Do you remember Wiley, Willey, Willie, or Willy Coyote?(Was the E initial still in there?))(Were bears not able to walk like humans?)(Do you remember the characters from Codename: Kids Next Door being Numbers instead of Numbahs?)(Rollos/Rollo/Rolo)(Has Mona Lisa's hair changed?)(Do the Is in WildBrain, and P in Curious Pictures look off?)(Did Curious Pictures not go by other names?)(Do you remember the Facebook logo used in the m ad with the capital F having normal letters?)(Did websites such as Facebook, and Twitter use capital letters to start their names?)(Do you remember Thorium not existing?)(Did the word Niblings not exist?)(Do you remember certain quotes, and lyrics saying he's, and I'm instead of he is, and I am?)(Did the colors of the Creation Of Adam change?)(Did the lyrics for Imagine by John Lennon changed?)(Has Johnson & Johnson became Johnson's & Johnson's?)(GlitchInTheMatrix _ now on YT channel.)(Lazlow Zone/The Lazlow Lane)(Did cockroaches not have stomach teeth?)(J. KristopheJ. Kristofer)(Do state name letters on licenses look off?)(Has Smooth Criminal changed back?)(Wimbleton/Wimbledon)(Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four(2015) are new to some people.)
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Pictures changing and person was told they look younger.)
Add-On: Do you remember Cream being the only spelling used in the US instead of Crème(Creme?)too?
5742.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Checkers game in Mr. Brightside by The Killers being ending differently?
5743.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had a job once."/"I had a job."
Add-On: Do you remember the torch of the Statue Of Liberty not looking pixelated?(Was Pixelate a real word?)
Add-On: Do you remember Owl from Winnie The Pooh not having yellow eyes?(Did Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Shenzi, Rafiki, Sarabi, Ed, Pumbaa, Sarafini, and Banzai from The Lion King not have yellow eyes?)(Did Vitani, Nuka, Kovu, Zira, and Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba's pride not have yellow eyes?)(Did Kion, Tiifu, Zuri, Wema, Janja, Makuu, Fuli. Pua, Chungu, Cheezi, Mzingo, Jasiri, Ajabu, Makucha, Badili, Nne, Tano, and multiple other characters from The Lion Guard not have yellow, red, or blue eyes?)(Was it just Lion King without a "The" and Lion Guard without a "The"?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tony The Tiger having a different colored scarf?(Did it not say Tony on it?)
Add-On: Do you remember aboriginals not existing as long as they've been now?(Is anything else about Australia's discovery off?)
5744.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Alan Alda dying?
5745.(T.V. Show name change.)Rasta Rat/Rasta Mouse/Rastarat/Rastamouse(Id the logo off?)
5746.(Cleaning Product name change.)Barkeepers Best Friend/Barkeepers Friend/Bar Keepers Best Friend/Bar Keepers Friend(Was there an apostrophe in Keepers or Barkeepers?)
Add-On: Do you remember Cheetos being more yellow than they are now?
Add-On: Do you remember the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland not having yellow eyes?(Did the White Rabbit not have red eyes?)
5747.(New species.)Have you heard of the Angelshark?(Angel Shark?)(Did the cookie cutter and thresher sharks not exist?)
5748.(Phantom words.)Do you remember inspecific being a word?
5749.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people not wearing such blatant illuminati clothing like Obey Propaganda?(Was suchlike not a word?)(Is the Youfit logo off?)
5750.(Movie Quote change.)"Don't show off Draco."/"Don't boast Draco."("Dobby never meant to harm or seriously injure."/“Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure.”)
5751.(Snack name change.)Cheese Nibs/Cheese Nips(Were the letters not touching in any of the logos?)(Was there never a dash?)(Mondelez International/Mondelēz International(Does the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember feet being angled more straight and not curving in?(Was there not a bump on the side of the foot?)(Did all humans walk differently than all apes?)(Anything else off?)
5752.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Rod Serling smoking in every The Twilight Zone episode?(Do his teeth and eyebrows look off?)(Was it just Twilight Zone?)
Add-On: Do you remember the handles not crossing in the Guns N' Roses(Guns 'N Roses?)logo?(Anything else off?)(Were there not two Ps in the Led Zeppelin name, and logo?)(Anything else off?)(Rubick's Cube/Rubik's Cube(No apostrophe?))(Was there no 1982-1986 restoration of the torch on the Statue Of Liberty?)(Do any of the Lions For Lambs logos look off?)(Do you remember Oreo Double Stuft?)(Were Amelia Earhart's remains not found?)(Did Lisa not have a blue pinkish purple instrument in the earlier seasons that was different in color, and appearance to her current instrument, and is anything else off?)(Boost Mobile commercial, and other companies use modernized font.)(Is the Peridex mouthwash logo off?)(Safety Dance/The Safety Dance, and the mysterious singing girl, and have the lyrics changed again?)(Do the movie logos for Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Dead Pool,(Dead Pool?)Sudden Impact, and The Enforcer(Enforcer?)look off?)(Did Mona Lisa have her hands folded in her lap instead of sitting in a chair?)(Old shows use modernized font in intros or outros(Is outro a real word?).)(Has the NFL logo changed in any way, or have any of the other logos changed?)(Do you remember the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland being dressed differently?)(Dan Pilkey/Dave Pilkey/Dav Pilkey(Pikley?))(The company that makes Swedish Fish imprints their name on the fish in countries outside of the U.S..)(The Clorox, and Lysol logos are tilted instead of straight across.)(Statue Of Liberty has changed again.)(Black ladybug with red spots.)(Did the Sri Lankan pit viper, Asian vine snake, green tree python in yellow phase, San Francisco garter snake, eyelash viper, banded sea krait, Brazilian rainbow boa, Formosan odd-scaled snake, and the scaleless corn snake,(Did snakes species always have scales?)not exist?)(Did Patrick say, "No, that natural." instead of, "Get in the boat." when he helped Spongebob drive?)(Are the original judges of America's Got Talent different?)(Touch Of Modern logo T has changed, and is anything else off?)(Kit Cat is apparently a name associated with Kit Kat.)(Is the Lion bar logo off?)(The Mona Lisa/Mona Lisa)(ThinkeThe Thinker)(Was 101 Dalmatians never titled One Hundred And One Dalmatians, and is the release date of the movies off?)(John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band/John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band/John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band)(Many types of fish sold as food in many places have been mislabeled.)(Ireish/Irerish/Irish)(HIPPA became HIPAA, and the words stand for something else.)(Does the JOEtv logo look off?)(Do the Es, and As in Federal Tax Relief look off?)(Do the Us in the Muckleshoot Casino commercials, and logo look of?)(Do any of the lyrics in The Taste Of Ink(Taste Of Ink?)by The Used sound off?)(Swaztika/Swastika, and have the Swastikas in The Great Dictator changed to double crosses, and were they double plus signs for a while?)(Were words such as grateful, thankful, awful, hopeful, and bashful spelled with two Ls?)(Anything else off?)(Aweful/Awful)(Dout/Doubt)(Do you remember almost, always, and also being spelled with two Ls?)(Anything else off?)(An otheAnother)(Reciepe/Receipe/Recipe)(Is the use of neither vs. either different?)(Leonard Skinnard/Lynyrd Skynyrd)(To gatheTogatheTogether)(Has The Thinker changed body position completely?)(Do certain bugs look like real leaves, flowers, and do they blend in well now?)(Moe Williams/Mo Williams/Moe Willems/Mo Willems)(Other spellings?)(Reciept/Receipt)(Did words like away, along, and alone have a space, or dash?)(Does the music in Rollerball from 2002 sound different?)(Jamie Gertz/Jami Gertz)(Other spellings?)(Jason Patrick/Jason Patric)(Other spellings?)(Pokemon/Pokémon, and is the logo off?)'s_Cube'_Roses
Add-On: Do you remember Pinocchio having brown eyes instead of blue?(Pinnochio/Pinocchio)
5753.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember glass making not being as old as 3500 B.C.?
5754.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember communism in China already coming to an end instead of still going on?
5755.(Famous U.S. President name change.)Richard Milhouse Nixon/Richard Milhous Nixon(Other spellings?)
5756.(New species.)Have you heard of the hammerhead worm?(Did hammerhead beetles and lizards not exist?)
5757.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the music video for She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals(The Fine Young Cannibals?)being different?(Was there no water used at all?)(Were they dressed differently?)(Did they look happier or sing differently?)(Did they dance different?)
5758.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember raining stones not being a thing?
5759.(Event name change.)Live Texas Jam '78/Live Texxas Jam '78(Was Texas never spelled Texxas for any event?)'78
5760.(Video Game name change.)Super Baseball Simulator 3.000/Super Baseball Simulator 2.000/Super Baseball Simulator 1.000(Was there a comma instead of a period or nothing at all?)
5761.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember natural pink chocolate not being a thing?
5762.(Song name change.)Unforgiven/The Unforgiven(The Uninvited/Uninvited)
Add-On: Do you remember the Seven Dwarfs not having blue eyes and blue glasses?
5763.(Music Lyrics change.)"Because the night belongs to lovers."/"Because the night belongs to lover."
5764.(Music Lyrics change.)"Born and raised in South Detroit."/"Born and raised in South Detroi."/"Born and raised in South Detrol."(Was the show of the same named Don't Stop Believing?)
5765.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a barcode on the dashboard by the windshield of most automobiles?
5766.(Movie Quote change.)"Rug pissers."/"Carpet pissers."(Do you remember the car alarm going off in the one scene?)
5767.(Rock Band name change.)Offspring/The Offspring(Does any of their music or logos look off?)
5768.(Music Lyrics change.)"This bird you cannot change."/"The bird you cannot change."(Surfing Bird/Surfin Bird/Surfin' Bird)
5769.(Music Lyrics change.)"My lonely days are gone."/"My lonely days are good."
5770.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hungry like a wolf."/"Hungry like the wolf."(Song title changed too.)(Was there the sound of a woman moaning or yelling at the end of the song?)
5771.(Music Lyrics change.)"And take it easy."/"So take it easy."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Other songs I've mentioned in the past.)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
5772.(Music Lyrics change.)"Well mamma told me."/"Mamma told me."(Has their band logo changed again?)("Yeah."/"Yea.")("All I want from you."/"All I want for you.')
5773.(Music Lyrics change.)"Gimme three steps towards the door?"/"Gimme three towards your door?"(Give me?)(Toward?)(Men With Hats/Men Without Hands)
5774.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Perry Saturn dying?(Did Jimmy Carter dying?)
5775.(Music Lyrics change.)"Like the latest fashion."/"Like a latest fashion."("By the time you hear the sirens."/"By the time you hear the siren.")(Them?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Does the music video for Pure Massacre by Silverchair(Silver Chair?)look or sound off to you?)(Cruising California (Bumping In My Truck)/Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Truck)(Are the lyrics off for Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Truck)?)
5776.(Music Lyrics change.)"Well I'm standing next to the mountain."/"Girl I stand up next to a mountain."(Was it something else?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Jimi Hendrix Experience/The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
5777.(Logo change.)Do you remember the dash being straight in Tone-Loc for Funky Cold Medina?(Was there no line above the Oin Tone Loc?)(Anything else off about the song logo?)
5778.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"I have a feeling."/"I got a feeling."("The Sun in the sky has a smile on its face."/"The Sun in the sky has a smile on his face.")("Its shining a salute."/"He's shining a salute.")("It's well to say."/"It's swell to say.)(I've?)
5779.(Music Lyrics change.)"Just like a prayer."/"Just like the prayer."(Has it switched back?)("Just like a dream."/"Just like the dream.")
5780.(Music Lyrics change.)"We are living in a material world."/"We are living in the material world."("Everybody's living in a material world."/"Everybody's living in the material world.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Cindy LaupeCyndi Lauper)
5781.(Music Lyrics change.)"And you can dance for inspiration."/"And you could dance for inspiration."
5782.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's buried right in my backyard."/"She's buried right in my backya."
5783.(Music Lyrics change.)"Teacher don't you feel me up with your rule."/"Don't you feel me up with your rules."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)(Boys?)
5784.(Music Lyrics change.)"Why is my ding ding burning like this?"/"Why is my thing thing burning like this?"(Any of the other lyrics or is there song title off?)
5785.(Music Lyrics change.)"And the good girls are home with broken hearts."/"And the good girls err home with broken hearts."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5786.(Music Lyrics change.)"I woke up in between a memory and a dream."/"I woke up in between the memory and a dream."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5787.(Famous Singer name change.)Nikki Syxx/Nikki Sixx(Other spellings?)
5788.(Music Lyrics change.)"And coming down."/"Coming down."("Beat you down and break your heart and steal your crown."/"Beat you down, break your heart, steal your crown.")
5789.(Music Lyrics change.)"The levee's going to break."/"Levee's going to break."(Was the first verse like the others?)(Levy/Levee)("Friends will do you no good."/"Praying will do you no good.")(Was levee spelled levy in all places it was used?)
5790.(Music Lyrics change.)"For such a pleasant stay."/"Such a pleasant stay."
5791.(Music Lyrics change.)"For the misty mountain."/"For the misty mountains."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5792.(Music Lyrics change.)"Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe."/Greta Garbo and Monroe."
5793.(Music Lyrics change.)"I live for my dreams."/"I live for my dream."(Was Pocketful always Pocket Full in all places it was used?)
5794.(Music Lyrics change.)"You're on my mind."/"On my mind."
5795.(Music Lyrics change.)"That I decided to fly on the inside."/"That I decided to fly from the insow."(Shine Down/Shinedown)
5796.(Music Lyrics change.)"Yesterday's got nothing for me."/Yesterday got nothing for me."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Did Axl Rose change to Axel Rose and back for you?)
5797.(Music Lyrics change.)"Caught on a one-way street."/"Caught on a one-way streets."
5798.(Music Lyrics change.)"I got a glass-jawed toothache."/"You got a glass-jawed toothache."(I've or You've?)(Was there no dash?)(Was it Jaw?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
5799.(Music Lyrics change.)"You had cum on your mind."/"You had cunt on your mind."
5800.(Music Lyrics change.)"Send me money now."/"Send you money now."(Was it Mom, Ma, Pa, or Pap?)(Was it Sent?)
5801.(Music Lyrics change.)"Trying to hold on, but you didn't even know."/"Trying to hold on t didn't even know."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5802.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"You never know who or what is gonna come through that door."/"You never know who or what's gonna come through that door."/"You never know what's gonna come through that door."/"You never know what is gonna come through that door."
5803.(Music Lyrics change.)"Summer breeze makes me feel fine."/"Summer breeze makes me feel five."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5804.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I look into your eyes, I can see the love restrained."/"When I look into your eyes, I can see your love restrained."/"When I look into your eyes, I can see a love restrained."(Restrain?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5805.(Music Lyrics change.)"Baby maybe someday."/"Baby baby someday."
5806.(Music Lyrics change.)"Face of an angel with the love of a witch."/"Face of an angel with the love of a win."
5807.(Music Lyrics change.)"We live and hope to see the next day."/"You live and hope to see the next day."(Dust And Bones/Dust & Bones/Dust N Bones/Dust 'N Bones/Dust N' Bones)
5808.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a growl at the very beginning of Bad Obsession by Guns N' Roses?(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5809.(Music Lyrics change.)"Found a head and an arm in a garbage can."/"Found a head and an arm in the garbage can."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5810.(Music Lyrics change.)"Put your pen to the paper."/"Put the pen to the paper."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5811.(Music Lyrics change.)"The hand that feeds."/"The hand that feed."(And instead of N or An'?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5812.(Music Lyrics change.)"Out on the streets all alone."/"Down to the street alone."/"Down on the street alone."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5813.(History change.)Do you remember Nancy Kerrigan's knee actually breaking instead of just getting bruised in the 1994 incident?(Was she not able to compete?)(Was Tonya Harding's boyfriend or manager the cause and not her ex?)(Was she not able to compete?)(Did she get caught right away?)
5814.(Music Lyrics change.)"Reap the dark within."/"Reproductive glands."("And he likes to shoot his guns."/"And he likes to shoot his gun.")
5815.(Music Lyrics change.)"Let me take a ride. Don't cut yourself."/"Let me take a ride. Cut yourself."(Is the Unplugged version off?)
5816.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's nothing new to you."/"Snothing new to you."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5817.(Music Lyrics change.)"You ask your mom please but she still says no."/"You ask your mom please but she still said no."
5818.(Spider name change.)Black Widdow/Black Widow(Widdow/Widow)(All uses of the word Widow.)(WiddowmakeWidowmaker)(WiddoweWidower)(Was Widow used for both a man and a woman?)(Do you remember black widows biting three times instead of one or a different number and were there bites more dangerous?)(Did false black widows and brown widows not exist?)
5819.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Neuralyzer in Men In Black being white instead of silver?(Was it a different color?)(Was the light a different color?)(Was it not also spelled Neuralizer?)
5820.(Music Lyrics change.)"I can't get no satisfaction."/"I can get no satisfaction."(Did it sound like "Can't" through the whole song?)
5821.(Commercial Lyrics change.)"Everybody does it like something."/"Everybody doesn't like something."
5822.(Music Lyrics change.)"Billions shift from side to side."/"The billions shift from side to side."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Was it spelled Axle Rose for you?)
5823.(Song Title change.)Wearing That Loved On Look/Wearin' That Loved On Look(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)(Was Elvis not a natural blonde?)
5824.(Music Lyrics change.)"Money, get away."/"Money, to get away."("Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today."/"Money, so they say, is a root of all evil today.")
5825.(Music Lyrics change.)"We dance like marionettes."/"We dance like the marionettes."
5826.(Music Lyrics change.)"I realized life was a game."/"I realize life was a game."("As you read this."/"As you read.")(Does the song sound different?)(A Tout Le Monde/À Tout Le Monde)
5827.(Music Lyrics change.)"Prophesied last rites, loved to death, magnetic."/"Prophesied last rites, loved to death, my friends."(Are any of the lyrics spelled wrong?)(Prophesized/Prophesised/Prophesied)(Last Rites/Loved To Death/Last Rites/Loved To Deth)(Are the words in the song title off?)
5828.(Music Lyrics change.)"I shed a tear."/"Shed a tear."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5829.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bottled water not being sold as early as the 1760's?
5830.(Music Lyrics change.)"You trade your passion for glory."/"You change your passion for glory."(The Eye Of The TigeEye Of The Tiger)
5831.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sockets of my eyes."/"Socket of my eye."(Other lyrics?)
5832.(Famous Time Traveler name change.)John TittoJohn Titor(Was everyone with this name also named Tittor?)
5833.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Statue Of Liberty height change, Creation Of Adam,(The Creation Of Adam?)Gulper catfish, desert crocodiles, crocodile bubbles, humans can see infrared, devo no longer wore toilet seats and wore something more like spud collars and other things have changed, shock therapy for back pain, gobi bear, Mount Rushmore, sheep you can pull wool off of, bryozoans, dust storms, dolphins have two stomachs, boxer crab pom poms, narwhal tusks are actually teeth and sea lice live on them.)(Video below.)
5834.(Famous Actress name change.)Natasha Kinski/Nastassja Kinski(Other spellings?)
5835.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people with Parkinson's Disease not having hallucinations?)
5836.(Movie name change.)Room 1408/1408(Book too.)
5837.(Food Company name change.)McCain's/McCains/McCain(Is the logo off?)
5838.(Phantom quote.)Do you remember Neville Chamberlain saying, "I have in my hand a piece of paper." and, "Peace of our time." after signing the Declaration Of Peace with Hitler?
5839.(Toy name change.)Skip It/Skip-It(Do any of the logos look off?)(Did the other logos have, or not have dashes?)(Anything else off about all of this?)
5840.(Real Life Quote change.)"The British are coming!"/"The Redcoats(Red-Coats or Red Coats?)are coming!"/"The regulars are coming out."(Did he say the quote loudly instead of being secret, and is anything else about the quote, or anything else off?)
5841.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like."/"You're saying all the things that I know you'll like."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)(Is the phenomenon that causes this off?)
5842.(Music Lyrics change.)"She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself."/"She said don't gimme(Give me?)no lines and keep your hands to yourself."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)
5843.(Music Lyrics change.)"Funny how I find myself in love with you."/"Funny how I found myself in love with you."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)
5844.(Real Life Quote change.)"Badda boom, badda bing."/"Badda bing, badda boom."(Was there dashes, or no dashes?)(Was there a comma, or no comma?)
5845.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Say goodnight Gracie." "Goodnight Gracie."/"Say goodnight Gracie." "Goodnight."/"Say goodnight." "Goodnight."(It's the second one sometimes.)(Anything else off?)(Did their show not go by other names?)(Did The George Burns Show not happen as in the one that came after this show?)
5846.(Chocolate name change.)Uno/UNo/U-No(Is the dash, or the rest of the logo off?)
5847.(Chocolate name change.)Ice Cube/Ice Cubes(Does the Moritz logo look off?)
5848.(Chocolate name change.)Mellow Cup/Mello Cup/Mallow Cup/Mallo Cup(Is the Boyer logo off?)
5849.(Candy Logo change.)Do you remember the Bit-O-Honey logo being more aligned and going straight across?(Were there dashes instead of periods?)(Do any of the letters look off?)
5850.(Famous Talk Show Host name change.)Sally Jessie Raphael/Sally Jessy Raphael(Other spellings?)(Was her show always known as The Sally Jessy Raphael Show?)
5851.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the boys from Thailand that were involved in the cave rescue being found already?
5852.(Spelling change.)DefibulatoDefibrillator(Other spellings?)
5853.(Spelling change.)Window Seal/Window Sill(Was it always one word, and never spelled with a dash, or a space?)
5854.(Spelling change.)Laundrymat/Laundromat(Were they not also known as Launderettes, Laundrettes, and Washaterias?)
5855.(Spelling change.)Counterfit/Counterfeit
5856.(Famous Talk Show Host name change.)Ellen Degeneres/Ellen DeGeneres(Were shiws simply known as Ellen and were they known as The Ellen DeGeneres Show?)
5857.(Snake name change.)GardneGarter
5858.(Spelling change.)Limosine/Limousine(Were they always really long vehicles?)
5859.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember concrete airplane arrows not being a thing?(Anything else surrounding them off?)
5860.(Supergroup name change.)Crosby, Stills & Nash/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young(Was "supergroup" always "super-group"?)(Did they not form other smaller groups together?),_Stills,_Nash_%26_Young
5861.(Music Lyrics change.)"Left her in the sand."/"Left her in that sand."
5862.(Music Lyrics change.)"In my eyes. Indisposed."/"In my eyes. Indispose."
5863.(Music Lyrics change.)"The only one you will ever need."/"The only one you would ever need."/"The only one you could ever need."(Ing to In" lyrics.)(Thr Lamb Of God/Lamb Of God)
5864.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Beast(The Beast?)from Beauty And The Beast(The Beauty And The Beast?)having brown eyes?
5865.(Famous Race Car Driver name change.)Danica KirkPatrick/Danica Kirkpatrick/Danica Patrick(Other spellings?)(Does she look different now?)
5866.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being audio, or any talking in Charlie Chaplin's movies?(Do any pictures of him look off?)
5867.(Movie City name change)Santa Clara/Santa Carla(Was Santa Carla based on Santa Clara, and not Santa Cruz?)
5868.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Laverne, and Shirley from Laverne & Shirley always wearing their first initials on their shirts?)(Gary Williams/Garry Williams)(Laverne Defazio/Laverne DeFazio)(Does the &, or anything else about the logo seem off to you?)(Was the show not also known as Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney?)
5869.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being hidden temples in Mexico?(Were there not hidden temples in other places?)
5870.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mosquitoes not using six needles to bite?(Were their bites not as bad as they are now?)
5871.(Song Title change.)The Sounds Of Silence/The Sound Of Silence(Other names?)(We've Got A Groovy Thing Going/We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin')(Sounds Of Silence, or Sound Of Silence?)(Anything else off?)
5872.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Despair not existing?(Did Anxiety not exist?)(Any of his other paintings off?)(Edward Grieg/Edvard Grieg)
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2015.04.05 14:54 lukkearthur Fantasy Bookers Universe #7 - January 2017

Wrestling Champions Online - ParagonAlpha
Wrestling Championship Online have risen from 15th to 13th in the world due to all of the new promotion slowing failing. One new champions as, Jey Uso is still the current Online Champion with 10 successful defenses most recently against Kazarian. Christian defeated Rob Van Dam for the WCO World Champion and has held it for 16 months and defended it 13 times. The Rulers Shannon Moore and Frankie Kazarian are the WCO tag team champions defending it 3 times in their 10 month reign.
Sophies Pretty Kittens
The baes company is 3rd in the world as one of the four companies with a TV deal. Bryan Danielson has won back the SPK World Heavyweight Championship for the second time defeated Doug Williams after 13 successful defenses. Terror Alert Leroy Kincaide and Lee Hunter are still SPK World Tag Team Champions but theyve defended it 3 times in their 9 month reign. Sammi Baynz defeated Nikki Bella who originally defeated Coleen Masters for the Womens Championship. Kid Fite is still the European Championship
Revolution Championship Wrestling - fishbiscuit156
The other RCW has risen from 12th to 11th in the world slowly catching up to Regal Championship Wrestling. Team H8U 2 Ron Mother Fucking Killings and Hiroshi Tanahashi are still RCW Tag Team Champion their last defense was August they have only defended it 9 times in their 2 year 8 month reign. Kofi is still the US Champion with 11 defenses. Swagger is also still world heavyweight champion with 6 defenses.
Regal Championship Wrestling - Mildly-Amusing
You have risen from 10th to 7 in the world which is good for a company that pushed Heath Slater non stop. King of the Ring was won by Christian, he has won this 3 times in a row. Slater is World Junior Champion along with World Tag Team Champion with Erick Rowan. Wade Barrett is still the Heavyweight Champion and has defended it 9 times. Hes now held it over a year.
Pure Wrestling Entertainment - AwesomeGuy97
PWE grew to a regional sized company on Monday in December but then fell back to small the following Thursday. After falling back to small four workers were cut from PWE these include, Trent, Jake Crist, Jolly Rodger and Leo Blaze. Youve actially risen from 19th to 18 in the world. Christian won he PWE Entertainers Cup by defeating Cody Rhodes in the final. Christian went though Roman reigns and Jeff Hardy where as Cody Rhodes went through Kofi Kingston and Fandango. Kofi Kingston is still the PWE hardcore Championship. Jimmy Yang & PJ Black are PWE Tag Team champions with there last defense being in September. Talia Madison is PWE Womens Championship and she defended it 8 times. Mr Anderson is PWE Champion and has defended it successfully 10 times.
Pro Wrestling Elite - Y2J1100
Only one wrestler has left Elite in the past 6 months and that was Kalisto. Elite has risen from 10th to 8th in the world. You are a regional sized company owned by Taz and Booked by Michael PS Hayes. Samoa Joe won the Elite Cup beating Jack Swagger in the final. Joe had to go through both Magnus and Low Ki before he got to swagger. Swagger had to go through Rollins and Ziggler. Low Ki and Xavier Woods defeated aul London and Rockstar Spud to become the tag team champions. Magnus won the TV Championship in July from Low Ki. Dolph Ziggler is still the Elite World Champion.
Heaven Wrestling Federation - Antmagic1
Winner of Company of the Year for the second time in a row. Youre still 20/20 and a small sized company but you have a B- momentum. Ron Mother Fucking Killings defeated Davey Richards for the HWF world championship after 8 defenses. Aj Lee beat Mickie James for the Womens championship and Darren Young beat PJ Black for the HWF Power Championship. Ron Mother Fucking Killings is feuding with Swagger, Axlemania is feuding with Magnus and PJ Black is feuding with Kazarian.
Pro Wrestling Canada - LukkeArthur
I am currently 2nd in the world gladly as I cant compete with Amazing Hyper Ball Pro Wrestling. I am still booked and owned by Super Dragon, The Warrior of Ontario was won by Chris Hero. Stu Grayson formerly Player Dos is Canadas Technical Wizard after Urban Miles defeated Joe Doering but failed to successfully defend it. El Generico won back the Heavyweight Championship after Hero defended it 16 times. Canadas Tag Team Champions are now current Technical Wizard Stu Grayson and former technical Wizard Joe Doering.
Outlaw Championship Wrestling - HistoricPancake
OCW grew back to a regional size in Wednesday week 3 of August but then fallen back to small on Thursday week 4 of the same month. Due to the fall to small 8 workers got cut, Rocky Reyes, Jake Crist, Jolly Roger, Leo Blaze, Trent, Johnny Gargano, Dos Caras and Raul LaMotta. OCW did decide to hired anyway Steve Corino as an opener and Nick McNeil. Sadly youve fallen from 18th to 19 in the world. Ron Mother Fucking Killing is still Intercontinental Champion and hes defended it 8 times. Date Rape Brian Lawler is still tag team champion with Kazuchika Okada. Rockstar Spud defeated Date Rape for the Junior Heavyweight Championship in August. Jay Briscoe beat his brother for the North American Championship. Both brother has now held it twice. Jay has 6 successful defenses altogether but Mark has 10.
Legacy Championship Wrestling - ROFLSwithSYRUP
Youve gone from 13 to 12th in the world. Magnus has won the Coast to Coast Championship for the first time defeated Kofi Kingston in September in a hardcore match. Matt Sydal is the TV Champion and has had 12 successful defenses most recently defeated JTG. Christian defeated Randy Orton to become the Undisputed Championship but if this is anything like WWE he will lose it in 3 days.
Empire State Wrestling - RicketyZubat
In november Paul Heyman decided to stop booking ESW and just focus on the business side of things. So in came Byron Saxton to book things. ESW winner of best match and best card which where both booked under Paul Heyman before he gave it over to Byron Saxton. The main event of ESW Xtraviganze was the match of the year booked by Heyman and then ESW Brave New World had Cena retain against Kazarian booked by Saxton. John Cena beat Swagger in October for the ESW World Heavyweight Championship after 13 defences and a year as champion. Cesaro and Ron Mother Fucking Killings are still the ESW World Tag Team champions and ended up defending it last week. Rusev won the Young Lions Cup and Frankie Kazarian is the Making A Warrior Championship.
High Plains Pro Wrestling - Elysiun0
Since June HPPW has managed to grow back to a regional size and win Company of the year! Despite winning Company of the Year Jim Ross retired from Owning HPPW in November and David Marquez took over as owner. Marquez then hired Mike Tartaglia as head booker replacing bret fucking hart*. HPPW hired lots of wrestlers when they raised to Regional these include, Joey Styles, Trent, Bo Dallas, Johnny Gargano, Dos Caras, Jolly Roger, Jake Crist and Gregory Helms among others. You are 17/20 Rusev demolished Christian for the High Plains Pro Championship. Tamina Snuka is the new womens champion. Every womens champion defended it 8 times before losing it this includes Talia Madison twice. Devon defated Fandango to become the Television Champion. Ricky Reyes and Eric Perez are the new tag team champions.
Midwestern Wrestling Syndicate - LackOfOriginallity
Since June both Eddie Kingston and Davey Vega have decided to quit MWS. Despite this MWS hired Davey Richards and Devon. You have a C prestige and a C momentum. Youve also risen from 14 to 4 in the world (You should be most improved comapany not HPPW). The Miz has defeated Bobby Roode to become the Heavyweight Championship in May and has since defended it 4 times. The Rising Star Tournament was won by Jey Uso and Eddie Edwards defeated Doc Gallows to become the Territorial Champion.
Broken Skull Wrestling - KnowitallPunk
Broken Skull has fell from 1st to 6th which is still a good rating with everything considered. Currently booked by Lexie Fyfe, no championships have changed Smoking Skull World Heavyweight champion is Rob Terry with 9 defenses. BSW Tough Enough champion is Big E Langston with 7 defenses and the BSW Southern Tag Team champions are The Demolition Crew Dustin Rayz and Yoshitatsu with only four defenses. Big E is currently feuding with Rey Misterio Jr and Ryback is feuding with Erick Young.
Amazing Hyper Ball Pro Wrestling - FishBiscuit156
Hikaru Satoa has reportedly walked out on AHBPW because of reports of the company being too amazing. Since Hikaru walking out AHBPW hired Ultimo Dragon and Kojima as a colour commentator. Currently my favorite promotion has risen to the number one company in the world. Eiji Tosaka is both booker and owner of AHBPW and is doing a good job. AHBPW Global Galactic Champion Taichi Ishikari got beat by Taiji Ishimori in August in a C rated match. The Brass Ballz Champion is Kushida after he defeated Naito and Those Are Some Nice Tag Champions are still BUSHI & KAGEROTA.
Alba Pro Wrestling - Mildly-Amusing
Since our last update sadly you have fallen to a small company. Alba are rated 16 out of 20 in the world but have D prestige and have a F- momentum. APW Scottish Heavyweight Champion is still Joel Readman with 10 successful defenses. Ryan Smiles defeated Dickie Divers for the Irn-BruTM Champion on the last Saturday of the year. Scottish Tag Team Champions are Team Tidal Wave Jack Jester and Lestyn Rees still but Lucy Clayed defeated APW Girl Power Champion is Stephanie Cooper for the championship. Mikey Whiplash is currently feuding with Greg Burridge and Joel Readman is feuding with Zack Diamond.
Nonstop Canadian Wrestling - HoverDome
Nonstop Canada have gone from a regional size company and fallen to a small sized one. Since June Mark Andrews has decided to quit NCW. Phil Belanger is your booker and youre rated 15th out of 20 in the world right now. NCW Canadian Championship was won by Sylvian Grenier after he defeated Billy Blaze in August. NCW Television was Bryan Kevins but was beat my Rick Matthews in November after 7 defenses. Tag team champions are Apocalypse & JD Maverick with 5 successful defenses.
Canada Championship Wrestling - AntMagic1
CCW lost popularity and is now considered a small company. After falling to small CCW had to make budget cuts and four wrestlers got released, Matt Fairlane, Brian Rich, Christopher Bishop and Ashley Sixx. Owned by Stephanie Bruyere and booked by Adam Pearce, the CCW Champion is still Pete Williams who has defended it 10 times. The CCW Canada Champion was Harv Sihra but was beat in December by Jae Rukin. CCW Tag Team Champions are still Gurv Sihra & Mitch Thompson.
World Pro Wrestling - ElHijoDeTesta
World Pro Wrestling have fell from 3rd in the world to 5th but look to maintain their spot. WPW World Champion Robbie X has had 7 successful defenses, WPW Tag Champions are Robbie X and Kenny Williams but have only defended it once in their 9 month reign. WPW Women's Championship was won by Skye after she defeated Sammi Baynz. WPW Heritage Champion is Mikey Whiplash who defeated Chris Egan after 6 defenses.
Yggdrasil Wrestling - NavelStrangSharpa
Sadly Yggdrasil Wrestling fell to small in September. After falling to Small Yggdrasil Wrestling fell from 4th to 9th despite having a TV Deal. Asgard Champion is still Michael Dante with 12 defenses one every major event. Nifelheim Champion is now Don Kalif after he defeated Steve Douglas and Jotunheim Champions were Mark Kodiak and Jester before Lucas Di Leo and Danny Ace joined forces as the Wild Things and defeated them.
End of the Year Awards
Wrestler of the Year: Jack Swagger
Company of the Year: Heaven Wrestling Federation (For the second time)
Team of the Year: Adrian Neville and Nick Jackson
Match of the Year: John Cena vs. Dustin Rhodes at ESW Xtraviganza III
Show of the Year: ESW Xtraviganza III
Young Wrestler of the Year: Travis Toxic
Veteran of the Year: Ron Mother Fucking Killings
Female Wrestler of the Year: AJ Lee
Most Improved Company of the Year: High Plains Pro Wrestling
Independent Wrestler of the Year: Sin Cara I/Mistico (For the second time)
Manager of the Year: Scumbag Cornette (For the third mother fucking time.)
Announcer of the Year: Michael Cole
Colour Commentator of the year: Paul Heyman (For the third time.)
Referee of the Year: Charles Robinson (For the second time)
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2015.03.13 19:53 minisixx TIL Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx's mum dated comedian Richard Pryor for a short period. He recalls "playing in the parking garage with my sister and a car pulling in and my mom and Richard [Pryor] getting out. They were blasted."

TIL Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx's mum dated comedian Richard Pryor for a short period. He recalls submitted by minisixx to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2014.10.08 20:54 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are Dj Ashba, James Michael and Nikki Sixx, otherwise known as Sixx:A.M....Ask Us Anything!

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Date: 2014-10-08
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Questions Answers
Do you guys have any rituals you do before a show? How do y'all get ready? We all get together,hands together and have a little pep talk...We're a gang,we're and band, we're in this together.We are SixxAM and lets go kick some ass
I noticed you've got Apocalyptica on the upcoming tour as support. Loving the idea as the sound will mesh well with yours. Are there gonna be any slots for local support? Toronto band dying to share a stage with you folks. We love Apocalyptica and my dream would be for us to jam together onstage at some point...As for a 3rd band we are keeping our options open...We have a lot of bands requesting that slot...Very Exciting.
Yo huge fan of the band and thanks for the ama. Do you guys see your self going back to the dark deep roots of the heroin diaries? We see ourselves as a blank canvas.There are songs on Modern Vintage that speak to that sound but the future is an open book right now...
Nikki, What is your advice for someone who is just starting their road to sobriety? Get rid of all your friends who are using,go to meetings and get a sponsor...START FRESH...IT BEATS DEATH.
Before I make cross country travel plans, do you see an expanded tour in the band's future? We feel a little left out in Atlanta! We have short window to finally tour...This is just the beginning...WE ARE SO THRILLED TO PLAY TOGETHER LIVE...More to come...
Is there any chance to see Sixx:A.M. in Europe during 2015 or only dates for US? Right now we have shows in April in America and would love to come over seas at some point...
Any chance of subsequent shows/tours after your tour in April? I live in the Southeast and would love to see you guys some time. In time...After Motley ends SixxAM will be my main focus...WE have a lot of MUSIC and TOURING in us...:)
Rocking the house with Modern Vintage right now as I read all this! =) Are there plans for more videos from this album? When can we see the photos PR Brown did around time of Gotta Get It Right? We are working on a video fro STARS as we speak...Paul's photos are in the album art...Cool stuff.
What made you guys decide to pick Apocalyptica as your opener? Nikki, you interview a lot of new bands on Sixx Sense and promote new music. Looking forward to seeing you guys in April! Loving "STARS" We LOVE the band...I have been a fan for years...So happy they are gonna do the tour...Gonna be an amazing night of music...
Hi! Any idea what Ric Ocasek thinks of your "Drive" cover? We hope we made him and the rest of the Cars proud...
What song of your 3 albums are you more excited to play live ? Thats a hard question...Can I say all of them?
So excited to see you in SF! Will you be mixing up the set with all three albums, or concentrating mostly on Modern Vintage? (I'd love to hear "Van Nuys," by the way.) We will play stuff from all 3 albums and probably some different version of songs as well.
Decades ago, exercise was not important or part of the rock scene (thin was in)...but do you think you guys find yourself wanting to pump iron, exercise and stay fit more these days than you did in the 80s and 90s? How do you stay pumped and/or fit? I am addicted to the gym...Stronger makes you last longer...I am in this for the lonnng run.
I love "Get Ya Some"! It was a very fun song to sing! Yes and the lyrics are a real journey too..
Have you decided on the next single? Yes.
Nikki, I just saw your last tour and was wondering what Alice Cooper is like off stage? And can we petition to get SIXX:A.M. on the Terminator 5 soundtrack? What's your best Arnold movie? Alice is a great guy...Solid...Love him..
Nikki- Modern Vintage is an incredible album, but I'm curious: After writing/performing heavier music with both Sixx:A.M. and Mötley Crüe, what was it like working on a more "vintage" album? Two different bands and different visions..Both a magical to me...
I know your shows are somewhat rare occasions, but were you guys planning on any shows abroad (e.g. the UK) at some point? Would make my year! Yes,in time...
We are so excited to be touring now that we have THREE albums of music to select from. Fans can expect a very theatrical journey with our live show that reflects the drama of all of our records. We are so excited that Apocalyptica is joining us too! Right,what James said...
DJ - in which band did you play before GNR? DJ played in Beautiful Creatures...
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2014.04.10 21:36 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Dan Wilson - a musician, songwriter and co-songwriter, producer, visual artist, and former lead singer of the band Semisonic. AMA

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Date: 2014-04-10
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Questions Answers
1) What was it like working with Taylor? Taylor was great to collaborate with. Fast, fun, super-spontaneous.
2) Would you (or do you have any plans to) like to work with her again? Please! Tell her I'm waiting for her with notebook and acoustic guitar.
3) When working on Closing Time, did you expect it to get as big as it did? No idea "Closing Time" would be a hit. Thought it would be very useful for the bartenders of the world. And it has been!
Hi Dan!!! Never You Mind is and always has been one of my all time favorite songs. WHERE ON EARTH DID THAT COME FROM? I love the intensity behind it. Also, how was working with Rivers Cuomo? Was it as wonderful as I imagine it would be? "Never You Mind" came from two things - one day in the studio I sat down at the piano and that intro riff just jumped out of my fingers, and I knew I had to make it into a song. And then I'd been thinking about the best way to settle a conflict and I was toying with the idea of just saying, "Hey, let's forget it!" rather than trying to talk it out. So the title, "Never You Mind," (which my grandma used to say) was next. And then the song. Glad you love it.
How was your move to Los Angeles from Minneapolis, and how do the two cities compare? I love Minneapolis, it'll always be my home.
(As a Minnesotan, I'm hoping you'll say that we're number one in your heart.) You are number one.
In closing time, when you wrote the line "I Know who I want to take me home" was there a specific person in mind? Also, I just wanted to say, when I first heard the song FNT in Ten Things I Hate about you, I fell in love with it. To this day it's one of my favorite songs about falling in love. Did you have a specific person in mind when you wrote that song as well? "FNT" was actually about two bands that I loved (disappointing? weird? equally romantic?) - The Hangups and The Tropicals. I felt like both bands were my own little secret, and I wanted to write them a tribute.
When did you realize that you finally "made it"? I've "made it"?
That is awesome news because now I can relax or take a vacation or something.
Your songs feature a lot of great instrumental intros, “California” “Love Without Fear”, “FNT” “Never You Mind.” Any songwriting insights on how to do that? Thank you! I don't know how those happen, but I do think it's important to have the hookiness start right at the beginning. So maybe I'm treating the intro as an equal section of the song.
Hi Dan, love the work you did for Adele. I'm a songwriter and am glad to have had a constant writing routine this time. Now I feel I've way too many songs. Do you prefer to finish every song or rather sort out before the arranging/producing starts? Not sure you can have too many songs. Unless it's like a thousand. That would be too many. I wrote maybe 50 for my last album. 60-some for "Feeling Strangely Fine" by Semisonic. (Not all good.) That seems like a good number.
Dan, what's your advice for musicians that want to start working as songwriter? Get good: Write lots of songs. LOTS! Get in front of an audience, even if your plan is not to be a performer, and show them your songs. These are the two main ways to get good. Have friends: Write hits for your friends to sing. (At least write things you think are hits.) Help other people with their music. Hang out. Set up shows with friends. Write songs with friends. Don't worry too much about networking with already-massive artists. Your friends will be massive in time.
What was the meanest thing a collaborator, venue owner, promoter or record exec ever said to you about your songwriting/musicianship/etc? I'm sure I've heard some mean stuff but I can't remember any of it. Thing is, I have a big ego, so even someone "not liking" my stuff seems super-mean to me. :)
Hello Dan. I've been following your music career since I was living in Colombia. Your lyrics helped me a lot to improve my speaking and reading. I noticed your excellent calligraphy in your recent videos, setlists and pictures. How long did it take you to learn that art? I learned calligraphy while my daughter was in the hospital for a month last summer. I had been thinking about it a lot before that, but when her illness began I knew I'd have a lot of "downtime" at the hospital, so I bought the pens and "learned it from a guy on the internet." Hours every day for weeks. Mostly I copy a guy named Seb Lester.
Hey Dan, I love your song writing. You and Chris Stapleton writing together is amazing. Any word on when he is releasing his album? I can't get enough of "The Right Ones" What is Chris like to work with? Yay Chris Stapleton! I love that dude and his music. "The Right Ones" is a fave collaboration of mine. He and I went down to New Orleans together and wrote 6 songs with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (wow!) and then at the end we wrote "The Right Ones" for Chris to sing.
As a songwriter, are there any songs out there you wish you had written? Not because it was popular and made a lot of money, but a song that touched you so deeply that you wish you had composed it instead? "Crazy" By Gnarls Barclay gave me that feeling. "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye gave me that feeling in a big way.
Do you know that you share your name with one of the best defensive catchers in baseball history? Not only do I know that, but Dan Wilson and I used to hang out at the same espresso joint on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis when he was catching for the Minnesota Gophers college baseball team. But we never net. The staff would say to me, "The other Dan Wilson just left! You missed him again!"
How did you wind up working with Adele? That was a blind date set up by Rick Rubin, who was producing her album. He's a fan of my writing, we had worked on a bunch of records before that.
Dan, what song are you most proud of working on with your band? What song are you most proud of working on with another artist? "Someone Like You" is pretty unbeatable. "Not Ready to Make Nice" - Dixie Chicks and I took on a big challenge and prevailed :) I'm really proud of those two. "Secret Smile" of Semisonic's songs, and also "California." Those seem perfect to me.
Years ago, I heard songs from an abandoned studio album by The Triopicals (Craig Wright and Peter Lawton) that both you and Jake Slichter played on. Can you tell me more about this album that has never been released and your involvement in it? Awww. I loved those Tropicals tracks we did. "The one that got away." I produced. I think jacob and I wrote the string arrangements (mostly him, probably.) Jake played drums on a few songs.
What is the best advice ever given to you? I was at a Q&A with the painter Frank Stella. I asked him why so much bad art was in the museums. He said, "It's not your job to care about bad art. Don't worry about that. It's your job to find art that inspires you and which you love, and figure out how the artist did it."
Can you sing us a song about reddit? Get deep into the nitty gritty stuff too! I won't be able to process my emotions about Reddit for a few days at least. Then I'll write my Reddit song.
What song have you written do you wish more fans would recognize you for? What was the first song you wrote where you were like "hey, I'm pretty good at this songwriting thing - maybe good enough to be on the radio." "All Will Be Well" by Gabe Dixon and me - that's one of my faves and very few people have heard it. I did fine with "Treacherous" by me and Taylor Swift, but I actually wish more people could hear that song. First song where I thought, "I can do this": "Temptation" by Semisonic.
I love all will be well, that line, "you can ask me how but only time will tell" is probably the most encouraging thing i've ever heard. I use it as a motto, so thank you for that! PS, you're recording on Live at the Pantages is my favorite one of that song, so thanks for that too :) A friend of mine who died last week asked me to sing "All Will Be Well" at her memorial next week. We'll see what that song means in that setting.
Why did you decide to do a PledgeMusic campaign? Is it something you'd recommend to other artists? I did the PledgeMusic campaign mostly because my friends who had done them said it was awesome. What I wasn't expecting was how cool it would be to create all the bonus items, artworks, deluxe album book - it's been a gas to have all these interesting art projects to do. Hard work but super fun.
Among piano and guitar, what instruments do you play? are you self taught or did you take lessons? and any advice for artists looking to branch out? Took a few guitar lessons. Mostly self-taught.
Took years and years of piano lessons, including jazz piano for a year. Not self-taught. A good counter-balance.
Do you have any advice on arranging and recording songs? When you record at home, how do you do it (that sounds silly), and more realistically, what would you recommend to someone who isn't already a world famous artist? Thanks! Record music for a purpose. Hopefully the purpose involves an audience, rather than an audition. Record music for your friends and whatever fans you might have. Don't spend too much time recording music for "gate-keepers" or kingmakers or mucky mucks. Waste of time. Make music for people to use in their lives. In car, in club, while washing dishes, during sex. Be useful :)
I know this can be interpreted as a pretty nebulous question, but what does music mean to you personally? It can mean so many different things to so many people... Music is to me the key to the meaning of life. I feel that music is to me what religion is to very religious people. I think it's the intersection between our minds/bodies and the intentions of whatever forces created us.
Are you particularly fond of a certain song on "Love Without Fear"? Maybe one with an interesting story behind it? I love "We Belong Together." I think it's about me and my wife and our life together. She thinks it's about me and a guy friend of mine. I like it partly because it's one of the two songs from "Love Without Fear version 1" - wherein I played all the instruments but the horns. I'm glad I re-made the album, but I'm glad those two songs survived the cut.
How many tacos can you eat in one sitting? Two.
Three if small fish tacos.
Hi Dan, my familiy and I are fans of yours for years. My wife loves the 'Mrs. Clause' song. Is there a chance you will release it on CD? How about a Christmas album?😉 I love "Mrs. Claus" too. Wrote it with Craig Wright, who used to be in The Tropicals, now he writes movies ("Mr. Peabody") and TV shows ("Six Feet Under," "Brothers and Sisters," "Lost," "Dirty Sexy Money.") I've been thinking about asking Craig to write a few more Christmas songs with me.
I remember seeing a video of you working on your songwriting with a lot of 3 x 5 index cards, what role do they they play in your creative process? I have a pile of a hundred or so index cards with titles or couplets of lyrics or melody ideas written on them in pencil. On days when I don't know what to write about, I randomly take a card from the pile and see if it inspires me. If not, I keep turning the cards over until one of them inspires, and then I finish that song.
I had the pleasure of interning under your friend Andy while he recorded and produced Jeremy Messersmith's "The Reluctant Graveyard". Such an amazing record and experience, I was wondering what your time was like working on "The Silver City" and how collaborating with artists who are also great songwriters compares to writing for yourself or for other people? Do they still make the Juicy Lucy at Matt's? That is a dangerous but amazing burger (the molten cheese inside the patty very hot).
Also, best burger in Minneapolis? Loved working on "The Silver City." I think it took way longer than Jeremy hoped, but we learned a lot and the music is awesome.
Dan- Was there a real "Tool Master" in Brainerd? Thanks! Ha ha! No, I think the Toolmaster was a fictional character in my brother Matt's mind.
If you ran a bar what exact time would closing time be for said bar? My bar would never close, baby.
But we'd play "closing time" 24/7.
Do you wake up with music in your head? How do you get it down before you lose it? I always used to have a little memo device for this purpose. I'd wake up with a melody in my head and record it right away. Now I use my phone's Voice Memo application.
How do you write music in band, versus as a soloist, and especially in regards to coming up with the parts for instruments other than your own? I think the main thing is to find the right collaborators - if you want to be able to suggest a bassline to the bassist, you better find a dude who doesn't go ballistic when you do that. If you want to just do your own thing and let them do theirs, then find musicians who have the "big picture" in mind - arranger-types who understand it's not all about "turn ME up in the mix please."
What was your contribution to the song, “Na Na Nothing” by Mike Doughty? Mike Doughty heard a song that I'd written with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue (?!?!?) called "Na Na Nothing," and he always thought it was cool. He probably thought it was cool mostly because of the super-weird combo of me and Nikki Sixx. (Which even I can't really imagine happening, though it did.) One day, he e-mailed me to say, "I ganked the chorus of that song you wrote with Nikki Sixx and used it in a new song of mine. Hope you're okay with that." Which I was, I love Mike's song and re-purposing of my chorus.
I think Mike also re-wrote a few lines of the chorus.
Have you ever had a terrible writing session or have you turned one down because of the other artist's attitude, reputation, ego, etc.? I turn down sessions all the time. Sometimes because the person has a reputation of not showing up reliably. Sometimes because I get the feeling they're not actually into co-writing. But usually it's because I'm too damn busy, even to do the stuff I really want to do! Most people who make music and dream of a career as a recording artist are pretty nice. I've had 99% happy, pleasant collaborations. Lucky? Or just because I love musicians? Anyway, the bad ones are rarer than rare.
What were some major label contemporaries from your Semisonic days that you really respected, thought were awesome, but somehow didn't manage to find an audience? I probably didn't notice the most obscure ones... So these will be who I loved and thought could be huger. I loved Fountains of Wayne, Liz Phair (the best), Soul Coughing, Iffy, Magnetic Fields...
Been a fan since I first heard "Toolmaster" back in the early 90's. From my username, you can probably figure out why. I've always wondered if there's a story behind that song, and how much input you personally had in it's creation? My only contribution to "Toolmaster" was turning it from a very slow dirge that Matt had written into a rock song with a beat.
I think it might be indirectly about some cousins of ours.
No pun intended, what's an example of a specific "sonic" moment in one of your songs just makes you really happy? Like a drum fill, a synth intro, a cadence in a vocal or something? About 3/4 of the way through "California" by Semisonic, the drums get quiet and everything becomes small and crackly, and then it sounds like the music is tearing through a giant wall. I love that.
When you write a song, do you write it out on staff paper, or memorize the parts as you come up with them, or something else entirely for that matter? I can read staff paper but what I do is really folk music, it's supposed to work by memory. So I just write down the lyrics and remember the melody and chords. If I can't remember the melody the next day from just reading the lyrics, it's probably not that great of a melody.
Who do you want to work with next? I'd love to do something with Nico Muhly someday. I'd love to make music with Scott Hansen of Tycho someday. I love First Aid Kit, maybe they'll let me write a song with them or produce some tracks. McCartney because he's the best composer of the last hundred years.
Semisonic is basically the soundtrack to my formative years- from convincing all of my friends to buy Great Divide after getting a copy from my dad's music distribution buddies to getting frustrated that everyone boiled the band down to the (admittedly great) "Closing Time" to blasting "Chemistry" in my Wrangler as I drove around campus in college- I just wanted to say thank you. (and thanks for being so very gracious on Twitter- you're brilliant to your fan-followers, truly.) But for all the "how was it to work with" questions, I have to ask about one of my favorite songwriters ever- Carole King. "One True Love" is so beautiful and just as soul-searching as it is light. What was it like to write and sing with her? Thank you. Carole King was gracious, funny, put me at ease, got down to business. Writing with her was like a master class, but we got a great song at the end. And we've been in touch on and off since then. What a classy, funny, fearless, brilliant person. Lucky me to run into her so early in my writing career.
When you sit down for a writing session, do you aim to write about a specific emotion or event or topic, and write about that, or do you just sit with pen and paper and wait to see what comes? Usually talk about "what's up" for quite a while. Play each other stuff on Youtube we've been listening to. Show and tell a few new songs... Get a feel for where it might go. Then, start talking about ideas. Often the conversation contained three or four great topics or titles for a song already.
What brand(s) of insruments do you prefer to play? Gibson acoustic guitars from the 1950's are the best.
What are your thoughts on Spotify/streaming sites and the impact on the songwriting industry? Eventually there will be only free music. Or at least the makers of the music will not be paid. But a lot of the music will still be AMAZING! And somehow the artists will make a living. That's what I think.
Who have you been listening to lately? Tycho's new album "Awake" is AMAZING Beck's new album "Morning Phase" is AMAZING!!! Beethoven's opus 59, no. 1 String quartet by Orion quartet is AMAZING!!! Those three.
Hello from a fellow Minnesotan. What are you favorite venues around town that might be overlooked? The Aster Cafe in Minneapolis is nice. Hmmm... I bet you know more than I do - I've lived in LA for almost 4 years!
What time, exactly, is closing time? It's always closing time somewhere.
When can I expect the Love Monsters reunion? "Ah Rebecca, baby doll inspector!" That ain't gonna happen but you just made me smile very happily.
Do you have any favorite songs to play that aren't your own? As in favorite songs to cover. End of the World by Skeeter Davis.
Saw you guys play in Marshall, MN in 1998... was a great show! Whoah!
Also, got full use of my isuzu trooper's cargo area that night. I have never gotten "full use" of my Subaru's cargo area.
Dan, prudy please give an honest assessment of a Trip Shakespeare reunion -- new recording best hope, but a one off 1st Ave show will do just fine. Hmmm... I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. We sure loved playing a couple of songs for the New Standards' holiday gig this winter. The amount of effort to do "just one show" would be the same amount of effort to do a month of shows. But I can't figure out for myself at least when that month might happen. Sorry I can't be more clear or just say yes :)
I'd just like to say Closing Time is the song that most reminds me of the 90s. Me too! That song totally reminds me of 1997 when I wrote and recorded it.
Holy cow, Semisonic is still my favorite nostalgia-laden rock from the late 90s. Thank you so much for the awesome music. When I started playing guitar I made sure to learn some Semisonic as soon as I could! Our music sounded nostalgic even when it was new.
I just wanted to say with every grammy you win, I get more hopeful of a Trip Shakespeare vinyl reissue. Hmmm, you are not too far off - it's a hope of mine too, let's say.
I fuckin love your third eye blind song "closing time", how did you come up with that one? Sorry dude that joke was already used in the movie "Friends With Benefits." It was funny that time :)
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2014.01.31 21:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hey, I am Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe, AMA

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Date: 2014-01-31
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Hey Nikki. Big fan. I'm a bass player because of you. My question is: If you could give Justin Beiber some man-to-boy advice, what would it be? You need to know who your audience is...when your audience is 11 - 15 year old girls, you can't promote yourself as a pot-smoking, hooker fucking wannabe thug...I understand that your 19 and your balls just dropped, but you gotta use your brain and let your audience grow with you. you're jumping the gun and leaving your fans behind and now they are confused...if i were you, I'd take a serious look at who your audience is...
Will you take me shopping with you so I can watch you try on leather pants? I don't have to see you naked, I just want to see you in leather. Bucket List complete! Hey, someone had to ask, right? :-) Yes...but, the best part about shopping with me is when I try on the dresses...
Lets address the elephant in the room. Who banged more girls, you or Tommy lee? Vince Neil.
What was your immediate reaction to when Ozzy Osbourne won that gross-off when he snorted up your urine? I know, it's weird question, but I really want to know for some reason. EDIT: Sorry, double checked and he snorted it. Don't know which one's worse. We were in a contest to see who could be more that moment I realized...Ozzy is the reigning champ.
What's your biggest regret? The biggest lesson that i've learned is that drugs don't work...yet I wouldn't change the past because that's part of what made me who I am hard as it was.
A few of us girls here want to know if you cook? We all love a man who can cook. In a pinch, to not starve to death, i can do a mean top ramen...
Will SIXX: A.M. ever go on tour? Once Motley Crue wraps their final show...the opportunities for touring will be wide open...
Nikki what the FUCK man, you guys are killing me with this breaking up shit lol. Anyway, Lars did a (mediocre) AmA yesterday and it got me thinking. In the documentary "Heavy: The Story of Metal" I remember Lars talking about how Motley and Metallica had issues back in the day. You all ever patch that up or is there still tension? Cant wait to see you guys in Camden. I actually talk to Lars from time to time and have massive respect for their staying power and what they've's those bands who can go through the high high highs and the low low lows that I always respect most...
What was the last concert you went to where you sat in the audience unrecognized (or mostly unrecognized), like a regular joe? Unfortunately, it's hard to go to rock concerts and sit in the audience so I watch shows from the fiance recently took me to the L.A. Philharmonic which was a much different experience as a rock show, and I think I was the only one there with hair...
Hi Nikki, thank you for doing this. I've been waiting for this AMA since it was announced. I was born in 1992 so Motley Crue was a little before my time, but Sixx:AM is right up my ally. I love that band. I loved the Heroin Dairies and the soundtrack even more. By far one of my favorite albums. My question is, of all the songs you wrote for the Heroin Dairies Soundtrack, which song did you like the most, what song embodies who you are, what you've been through and where you are now? When we were writing the album, we didn't really know what we were doing other than following the storyline in the book...when it was all said and done, the song that just jumped off the record and touched everybody was Life Is Beautiful...i've seen more people with those words tattooed on them than any other song. just shows the power of music and it's something me and James are very proud of.
What hit song if any, do you still love playing? Livewire is the one song that we I believe have never not played live. And that song represents Motley Crue on every level...and I think it's still one of my favorite songs to play live...
Nikki! Welcome to reddit! Seen you 3 times, looking forward to another this summer! Are you guys breaking out any tracks you might not normally play this time around? We haven't got around to picking the setlist...just started the preliminary design on the stage show...
Hey Nikki thanks for doing this AMA! Just seconds ago I ordered tickets to see you guys in Birmingham August 15th! The Dirt is one of my favorite books and I have read it so many times my copy is falling apart. Just one question! Who would you like to see play you in the now confirmed movie in 2015? The band's vision is that there will be edgy, unknown actors playing us and that the visual presentation needs to be closer to Goodfellas, Boogie Nights or Trainspotting...and the benchmark for what this movie will NEVER be are cheesy movies like Rock Star and Rock of Ages...
Hi Nikki, first i'd like to say You are what inspired to start playing bass. My question to you is, What Inspired you play bass? I was drawn to the wasn't even a choice for me...i didn't even think about drums or guitar or anything...i have a songwriting room in my house and I have guitars, pianos and 99% of the time, I pick up the bass...because I love it...
1) After the final tour is done, what will be your main focus as far as projects go? 2) I know you have been sober for years now. Do you still find it hard to hang out with your fellow musician friends that still live the party lifestyle? I just signed a 4 year extension on my contract with my radio show...and that's something I could see doing for the rest of my life...I love listening to music, playing music and finding new music through Sixx Sense...and interviewing new and established artists...writing more books...more music with Sixx:A.M. (touring)...and I might even pick up gardening...
Hi Nikki :). All of the addicts in my life go to rehab and come up with their own "plan " to stay sober without after care, counseling, and 12 step programs. Needless to say this never works. Did you go through this and if so, at what point did you finally realize that you should give in and try something else? There's really only one true path to recovery that's using the 12 step program and finding a belief in something greater than yourself (spirituality).
Is a UK / worldwide tour off the table for the final farewell tour? If so, any particular reasoning for it? Also for your Tats, do you stick to one shop/artist or go wherever? 2015 International dates are coming soon...
What album did you enjoy making the most, and why? Have any of your guests on Sixx Sense been wildly different than you expected them to be, personality or behaviour-wise? They are all different processes...right now, on the heals of announcing our final tour, I'm feeling sort of sentimental about the recording of Too Fast For Love.
I am a HUGE fan of Sixx:AM. Will you be touring the midwest with Sixx:AM any time soon, specifically the KC area? Meet and greets? Favorite color? After we release "three" and Motley takes our final bow, the opportunities for touring are wide open.
Hey, Nikki, been a fan of you and the crue ever since I got into music. Just wanted to say, I can finally get around to seeing you guys in concert and I look forward to seeing you all in Jersey this summer. It's going to be bittersweet for sure. Question time: What moment or show stands up more than anything from your whole career? The 1983 US festival where we played to 35000 people still has to be one of the coolest highlights of our career.
Hi Nikki! Will you guys definitely be coming to the UK during the final tour? Desperate to see you all! :D Gutted about the breakup, but thank you all so much for the music over the years! International dates will be announced later this year...stay tuned...
What aspect of your job do you genuinely dislike? I dislike leaving my family...and the months on the road away from them...but, with that being said, I love performing live for my fans more than just about anything...that's probably my biggest struggle for my job.
Name 5 things on your bucket list. Would like to photograph in places and document journalistically people and places under duress 2. would like to travel not in a band to places I haven't been to like Egypt, Turkey, China (all with my camera and notepad) 3. I'd like to do a supergroup one day, one album, one tour 4. I'd like to skydive naked 5. love to drive across america in a car jack kerouac style (again...not in a band)
No question, I´d like to say my respect! Thank you for everything and hope, we´ll see you in Europe next year! Yes you will!
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2013.09.20 21:17 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are Motley Crue AMAA!

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Date: 2013-09-20
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How do we know this is actually the band answering questions and not your PR guys? Fuck you! Go fuck yourself!
Would you mind if I started an all Jewish Mötley Crüe cover band called Mötley Jëw? Tommy: Fucking awesome.
Mick: On Family Guy they had the Jew Man Group, why not!
What's the most memorable fan you have ever encountered? One of the in-stores we did...there was a group of girls that were so smart, they figured out how to take the distributor cap off of our van so that we couldn't go anywhere. They wanted some time, they got it.
Can you guys out-coke Charlie Sheen? We like Charlie.
What was the gnarliest thing you've seen a girl do? Tommy: Be quiet. Mick: The 14 inch brautwurst I saw a girl swallow without breaking it.
Tommy: Fuck! Was I not in the room for that? Mick: You guys were probably cooking up shit in the ashtray in the other room.
What's your favorite city to play in and why? What's your least favorite city to play in and why? That's probably the hardest question we ever get because each city has it's own personality. As for our least favorite, we haven't played it yet.
Would you consider having your last show at the Whiskey? Not a bad idea. Only if we could blow it up.
Mick: If we can blow it up.
Congrats on the second residency @The Joint!! Will be in Vegas in October to get a piece done at Vince Neil Ink. Are there any tattoos that you got while out on the road that you absolutely hate? Mick: Ahhh...there's my regret. I have a tramp stamp.
What's the craziest thing that ever happened on tour, that hasn't been told 100 times by now? Nikki and Tommy cooking freebase with used ashtrays somewhere in Canada...
I'm a huge fan! I saw you guys in LA with KISS and I was so excited when you guys came out! That was one of the best concerts I've been too! Can you guys do a shout out to my mom? She's a huge fan too! :) Does your mom look like the devil? Didn't we meet her in '83?
What's the story behind the umlauts? And hey, you didn't put them in your title! Mötley Crüe! Lowenbrau.
How did you like the first Intimate Evening in Hell here ? I loved it but like to hear how you liked it ? In your was... ? Looking forward ALL the other Intimate Evenings cause I'll be here... =) Nikki: I had a blast. Anytime there's that much volume and fire, I'm happy. Looking at Tommy's fear of fireballs was pretty crazy. This was the first time I've seen a little bit of "Oh SHIT!" in his eyes.
For Nikki! I'm a big Thunderbird fan, what are the differences between them and your new Schecter models? You, Mick, Tommy, and Vince are my heroes, thank you for everything you've done! I have loved the Thunderbird since I was a kid and they've had challenges sonically. It's been tough to get them up to par sound wise. With Schechter I wanted to make a bass that was up to the sound I wanted. Anytime one band member's instrument sounds better, the band sounds better.
Did you guys ever expect to become as big as you are now? Nikki: No. We expected to become smaller.
Nikki: You know what's more interesting than this question? There's a meth lab out of the back of van behind the hotel. Tommy: What side of the hotel are you on?
What is your opinion on the sexualization/objectification of women in modern society? Please refer to the lyrics on 10 Seconds of Love.
What was your favorite song you've ever written? Nikki: I've been digging some of the early stuff...Livewire. Mick: Primal Scream Tommy: I agree.
Hey guys, what's your best backstage moment? Nikki: You know what's more interesting than this question? There's a meth lab out of the back of van behind the hotel.
If you were to secretly perform as a Motley Crüe cover band, what would your name be? Motley Crue Jr.
I know you guys have seen a lot over the years. My question is: What is the craziest/weirdest/most awesome event that you can remember? Our virgin ears can handle it. Mick Mars running through the halls naked...or was that Tommy?
What is your advice to aspiring musicians? Practice.
Can I bake you guys a cake? Would it be an evil cake?
When was the moment you guys realized you finally made it big? Nikki: Last week. Mick: The first million that someone ripped off...that's when I knew.
Nikki -- Last week.
My B-day is Oct. 5th. Why is this venue going to be awesome? Give me a good reason to go!!! Be ready for lots of heat. Happy Birthday.
What is your craziest story?
What new or up-and-coming bands do you guys like? Nikki -- I really like Black Spider.
Motley crue's would. Fuck you too.
I just wanted to say thank you to Nikki Sixx for your books and forming Sixx a.m. Because of your courage and inspiring stories you have encouraged me and assisted in my one and a half year sobriety from heroin. To get an acknowledgement from you would be a dream come true! ♥ :)
Just had to let you know, my cousin walked down the aisle at her wedding to Home Sweet Home. The organist never showed and that's all anyone knew how to play on piano! Also, holy shit I love you guys! Edit* spelling That's awesome!
"Kickstart My Heart" kicks ass. We agree. :)
Tommy: Be quiet. Mick: The 14 inch brautwurst I saw a girl swallow without breaking it. Tommy: Fuck! Was I not in the room for that?
Not a question but a thank you. My boyfriend is a major Motley Crue fan for years, on our first year anniversary I took him to see you guys and we had one of our best date. 8 years later we are still rocking to the crue on every roadtrip, a tradition for us. :) Fucking awesome.
I have loved the Thunderbird since I was a kid and they've had challenges sonically. It's been tough to get them up to par sound wise. With Schechter I wanted to make a bass that was up to the sound I wanted. Anytime one band member's instrument sounds better, the band sounds better. I'm extremely happy with the new bass sounds and looks.
I have to say that my favorite song performed live is Primal Scream. That song is so raw. I Love it!! Tommy -- Love playing this song live! One of my favorites.
Tommy -- Love playing this song live! One of my favorites. Mick -- Me too.
Nikki -- Last week. Mick -- The first time someone stole $1Million from me.
NOTley Crüe probably. That's pretty great.
You guys fucking suck. Fuck you too.
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2012.03.21 18:15 WutRWords Reddit, how can I try to give my friend some perspective on his highly-destructive relationship?

They met in a psych ward over Christmas after the death of my friends mother lead to a suicide attempt. He moved her in with us (we were roommates at the time) after knowing her for one week, me having never met her. When she moved in, it was apparent that she was going to be a problem, but there was nothing I could say or do because my friend is very co-dependent and this was his first real girlfriend despite him being 25 (I'm sure a lot of you forever alones out there can relate). So, this girl is 18 and here's a list of daily activities she cannot accomplish on her own: inserting a tampon, using a can-opener (electric or manual), inhale smoke from a cigarette (which would be fine if she hadn't claimed to smoke weed/tobacco), be hygienic (she'd never shaved before, OR showered on a daily basis). To put it simply; bitch couldn't make EasyMac. It's over a year later and she still fucks it up.
So, they hook up and my friend goes all balls-deep into romantic soul-mate land with his first girlfriend. They decide to get pregnant despite him not having a job and her being too dumb to live. Slowly, my friend starts realizing that his woman is a retarded infant and there's nothing he can do about it. He tried very, very hard. And he was pretty patient, I'll give him that. He's the only dude I've known who's had to teach his girl to grow into a woman, despite already being a legal adult. She just can't. She's too dumb. We've both been supportive of her, but anything we try to challenge her with is brushed aside. "Hey, Derpette, what's 2 times 5?" Her: "Whatever!" Really? So now his patience is tried every day and as she gets upset that she's expected to take care of herself more. With them having a child, she NEEDS to be able to do things on her own, but can't be trusted with ANYTHING.
So in their first year, she cheated on him several times. Once with a friend IRL, and COUNTLESS times with people online. Some may be thinking "Online shit's no big deal, it's not like they did anything physical." Good point. The scary part though was how far these relationships got. Somehow this dumber-than-a-rock wench could get people she'd never met before willing to feed and house her. More than one of her online relationships ended with a poorly-thought-out-and-executed escape plan that in one case actually would have required her to hop a plane to another country. Yes, she actually thought that she, with no money, car, or help, was going to get a plane ticket and fly overseas to live with a dude she'd been dating online for about a week, while still living under my friend's roof.
So, now the relationship is a bit violent. They both yell and claw. One night my friend goes to sleep after some drinks. His girlfriend calls the police on him at 2am while he's passed out in bed. She shows the police an unrelated bruise and says he hit her. This is not her idea, by the way. Someone she was flirting with online convinced her to call the police on him for no reason, and she's dumb enough to listen to a stranger telling her to call the cops on her fiancee to get him out of the picture. He's taken to jail. While he's in jail, she invites some of the black neighbors from across the hall over. They take my friend's PS3, laptop, tool box, several games, and a bunch of other shit. She 'sold' this stuff to them for like $60 or something (no concept of value, still can't match). She then loads his guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Custom), amp, computer, and anything else she can recognize as possibly valuable, loads it into my friends card, and PAYS SOMEONE TO DRIVE MY FRIENDS 2011 Taurus SHO. Why? Because bitch is dumb and can't drive. She then gets into a little run-in with police after some people call the police on her after noticing she had left their infant unattended in the Taurus on a summer day while her and some friends were off fucking around. After that, she takes the money from selling all his shit and gets "Nikki" and "Sixx" tattooed on her wrists. She ditches the car, takes the kid, tells him where the car is, and isn't seen for about 2 weeks while she's out having a blast with new friends and money. I got home-boy bailed out. He and I crack out on Terraria while she's out slutting around. She comes back, he's happier than shit. Rinse, repeat.
This week was the most recent time she tried to completely abandon him out of nowhere. My friend dropped her off with some people she'd just met to give LARP-ing a go. She ends up staying the night, then the next day is all "I hate you, I'm not coming back." For once, my buddy actually says "I don't know if I want her back this time." Score! So we hang out, listen to music, talk about it. I remind him of all the awful shit she's done to him, etc etc. Next morning she comes back and I look on my FB wall to see from him "my baby came back this morning. we are soulmates."
Any suggestions of something that might open his eyes a little? I've been trying to avoid being mean or rude to him; it IS his life to fuck up, I just don't want to watch anymore. As easy as it'd be to just say "Fuck you dude, you're shameless and spineless and I haven't the time for either!", I'd really like to see my friend get away from this woman before she fucks his life up more.
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