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The Nameless Ones

2020.05.23 18:01 wolflord4 The Nameless Ones

I'm typing this as a warning to anyone who may encounter the horror that we have released into this world. The desire for discovery and glory blinded us, there are things in this world that should remain undiscovered, mysteries that should remain buried. We have unleashed one such force that will reign death on hundreds of innocents. This is my account of the "Nameless Ones".
My name is not important, I am a student of Egyptology at The University of California Berkeley. Ancient Egypt has been my passion since I was in high school. I would spend hours at the library researching every aspect of Ancient Egypt like it was my job. I knew anything from the very founding of Egypt to Caeser Augustus's conquest. This passion was enough for UC Berkely to give me a full-ride scholarship. My intention was to become a fully-fledged Egypttolgist and archeologist. My schooling was lengthy, lots of reading a whole lot of papers and exams, I only really socialized with other students in my program, two in particular only because their passion for learning about Egypt mirrored my own.
Hailey looked the part of typical Southern California blonde bimbo but she had the mind was just as bright as her looks. The other was Noah, though he was stoner through and through he was actually analytical when he was high, he was also our supplier when we had to blow off some steam. The three of us did everything together from studying to socializing.
At the beginning of our fall semester of junior year, the head of the Egyptology department at Berkely Dr. Anthony O'Neil announced that after years of trying to get approval from the University and the Egyptian government he would be taking three students to an archeology dig in Egypt to uncover a previously unknown tomb deep within the Egyptian desert. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Even with all my passion I have never been to Egypt neither have Hailey or Noah. We knew that we had to go, at the time it was a dream come true, to take part in a new discovery with my two best friends and along with one of the top minds of Egyptology. There were several requirements to qualify, anyone who applied for the trip needed at least a 3.5 in cumulative GPA in the Egyptology major, a letter of recommendation from another professor within our major, and we needed at least a B+ in two prerequisite courses. While the requirements would not be a problem for us, they did surprise me with their strictness. It was only a summer trip, why was it so exclusive?
Though it seemed like a hassle, Hailey, Noah, and I applied as soon as they started accepting applications. We worked our asses off to make a good impression with Dr. O'Neil and we signed up for the pre-requisite courses in spring. We excelled in the courses each of us getting an A. Towards the end of the semester, Dr. O'Neil summoned the three of us to his office and happily told us that we were all chosen for the trip. We were ecstatic, this was everything we ever wanted, we spent the rest of the year talking about what we would do in Egypt. After finals were done Dr. O'Neil summoned us to a seminar of the dos and don'ts of the trip what to bring etc, no weed of course but even Noah was willing to give up weed for a summer. He also talked about the location of the tomb and the history behind it. The location of the tomb was far off where the traditional burial grounds were such as Giza or the Valley of the Kings. It was in the western deserts of Egypt, the closest settlement being a small oasis town being a 2 and a half-hour journey away from the site.
The history of the tomb was rather chilling to say the least. According to Dr. O'Neil, it dates back to the early middle kingdom. It is only referenced a few times in scrolls he found in the tombs of Pharaoh Amenemhat II and the writings of his high priest. According to writing accounts, the tomb was not for one individual but for several, the literal name for this tomb was "The Eternal Death". There is no mention of who was put in this tomb but he did know why. Apparently the individuals were accused of crimes against the gods and were described as "Those who Amun hates". What was done to them was not known. For most of his career, Dr. O'Neil thought this was a mear legend, but recently a large sandstorm in the area revealed a portion of a structure and he thinks that this could potentially be "The Eternal Death" site.
In all my years of research, I have never heard of the "Eternal Death". True the majority of Egyptian ruins are still buried beneath the sands, but I feel like this place would have been mentioned more than a few times. Also, such punishments were a little excessive in my opinion. If we were talking about run of the mill blasphemy these individuals would have been simply executed or imprisoned by the Pharaoh. But why were they sent to this place so far from Egyptian civilization and why dedicate an entire structure to their imprisonment? It was a real head-scratcher.
After the seminar concluded, Hailey, Noah, and I went for sushi in downtown Berkely to celebrate before we went home to get ready for the trip. As we ate I brought up my questions and concerns, Noah told me that the whole thing is "dope and spooky as hell" Hailey tried to ease my concerns saying that we could uncover an unknown religious practice of ancient Egypt and learn more about the religion as a whole. I agreed with her, I put all my concerns to rest and just focused on celebrating. I was going to Egypt with my two best friends and we going to contribute to making the discovery of a lifetime. The next day the three of us went home to spend two weeks with our families before departing. My parents were so excited for me to go and went on a shopping spree to ensure I had everything I needed. When the day of the trip arrived my parents dropped me off at San Francisco International where I met with Hailey, Noah, and Dr. O'Neil. We said our goodbyes and got on the flight to Cairo. The flight was grueling, taking a full day and one layover to get there. But when landed, it was a relief, we finally made it to Egypt.
Before we proceeded to the dig site, Dr. O'Neil would take us to some tourism venues to have a bit of fun before we started working with him. We hit all the typical tourist traps in Egypt, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, etc. Dr. O'Neil took us out to dinner every night. We found out he was really cool, even though he had a demanding exterior he knew how to have fun and he told us all of his stories of previous digs he took part in as well as one story where he dissected a mummy. After about a week of site seeing, all the arrangements were made to embark on the dig site of the "Eternal Death". We got up really early to get on a small plane to the oasis town. After landing we drove two and a half hours to the site where the excavation was already underway. Tents were erected all over the place with a large one in the center. The heat was murder, all the ice water, and sunscreen in the world could not help.
But aside from that, I was excited to get to work. We were given tasks to analyze artifacts that were dug up, along with cataloging and photographing the artifacts and also with estimating where the entrance to the tomb was located. We were happier thank kids on Christmas taking up the cataloging of artifacts with sheer enthusiasm. Every night we came together to debrief and discuss findings that were brought to us by the excavation team. One peculiarity I noticed was that there were a lot of weaponry pieces and shield fragments scattered throughout the site. I came up with the suggestion that there was a battle or heavy military presence.
I couldn't find a reason why the Pharaoh would have such a large military presence here. It seemed like a waste of resources and too far from Egypt's population centers. If this place was just a tomb there was a lot of effort to keep it secured not even the greatest pharaohs had living armies guarding their tombs. Noah had something to share as well, he found that the exterior of the pillars surrounding the structure was not made from traditional sandstone, but something else. The material was some oily black stone resembling obsidian. It had to have been used for some kind of ritualistic purpose but we didn't know what it was or where it came from. The next day, Hailey burst into my work station telling me that they found a statue. I immediately dropped what I was doing and followed her.
The statue was buried up to the waist. The full height was at least twenty feet tall, the statue was an Anubis guard meant to protect tombs from evil. But I noticed something odd about this statue, not only was it made from the obsidian like substance, but it was facing towards the tomb not away from it. Normally an Anubis guard would face potential threats. Over the course of the day, we uncovered more Anubis guard statues all facing towards the tomb. I was very unnerved by this development, this tomb wasn't made to keep people out, it was made to keep something in.
That night Dr. O'Neil was excited about the uncovering of the Anubis statues but he was dismayed that we hadn't found the tomb's entrance yet. Hailey then came up with the suggestion that if the Anubis guards were facing potential dangers within the tomb perhaps if we traced where the statues were facing, it might lead us to the entrance. It was a good idea but it would have to wait until the next morning. The next day we traced the spot each Annubis statue was facing and pinpointed to one spot in the sand, we then pointed the excavation team towards the spot and they started digging. After about three hours we found the entrance. Dr. O'Neil was so excited, Noah and Hailey hugged and started dancing. The only one who wasn't celebrating was me, I should have been happy, I should have been dancing with my friends but all I felt was fear as if something was watching me from the tomb entrance.
The tomb's entrance seemed to glare at me. It was a large door made from the same oily black substance the same as the pillars and the Anubis statutes. I just stared at it, not with fascination but with unease. It was like watching a predator from a distance like I knew it could hurt me but I couldn't help but stare at it. Noah clapped me on the shoulder snapping me out of my trance, and asked "why the long face?" I shook my head and put on a smile and gave Noah a hug. We then joined Dr. O'Neil and Hailey opening a bottle of champagne. I shook off my bad feeling and took part in celebrating indulging in a few glasses of champagne. We spent the rest of the day logging and photographing every aspect of the tomb entrance. We removed any excess sand covering it and got to cataloging all its features.
On the surface of the entrance there was a series of hieroglyphics. I tried my best to translate, but reading Ancient Egyptian was never my strong suit. It took some help from Hailey and Dr. O'Neil but we managed to get it. If this place unnerved me before now this really took the cake, the message read "Those who take up arms against Amun will be eternally bound to flesh and will be stripped of paradise or damnation and will become nameless".
In Ancient Egypt, preparing for the afterlife was one of the most important parts of living and your name has power and is the core of your existence and humanity, by being stripped of your name you would be a nothing hollow shell. "Being bound to the flesh" that is a fate worse than death itself, the inability to move on to the afterlife either paradise or damnation. Why keep people away from damnation? If these people were blasphemers then damnation would have been their punishment. Their crime must so severe that not even hell itself would want them.
It was starting to get dark so Dr. O'Neil and the three of us debriefed in his tent before going to bed. He told us that we would start exploring the tomb first thing in the morning. I brought up my questions about the inscription on the door, he rubbed the back of his head and said that he didn't know that this was completely new territory for him. After the rest of the debriefing, Hailey, Noah, and I sat around a fire before going to bed. For the first time I opened up to them about my unease and that there was something just not right about this place. They understood my concern, Noah told me that it's common for archaeologists to get that feeling especially when dealing with locations with a grim past. Hailey said that she also had a bad feeling about this place saying that she felt like she trespassing. Their reassurance was helpful and I went back to being excited again. I was going to explore a real-life undiscovered Egyptian tomb my childhood dream was about to come true. Little did I know.
The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn and joined Dr. O'Neil at the tomb entrance where the excavation team was trying to get the door open. Though progress was being made, it was taking a long time. "Whoever is in there sure as hell wasn't getting out" Hailey joked, Noah and I laughed nervously. After about three or four hours of grueling work, they managed to get the door finally broke open. Dr. O'Neil stood at the entrance and shined a flashlight inside. It was a long dark hallway, we were unable to see the end. Before we all entered we filled up our water bottles and put new batteries in our headlights. After we were done preparing, we entered the hallway with Dr. O'Niel leading the way.
Upon entering we were met with a strong musty smell. I mean nobody had been there for at least 3000 years so that was expected. As we walked down the hallway, my feeling of unease was through the roof but I kept it to myself as to not ruin the moment. The darkness in the hallway was very oppressive as if it was consuming us even with our headlamps. Dr. O'Neil then told us there was a chamber straight ahead. It was a relief to get out of the hallway, but the room was filled with the same musty stench. This time it smelled like what I could I only describe as death and suffering. Hailey and Noah smelled it as we all covered our mouths. Dr. O'Niel was the only one who didn't seem to bother he just chucked at our reactions "I had the same reaction when I was your age, you get used to it". We tolerated it eventually and just ignored it.
At first glance, the room seemed to be some kind of place of worship with hieroglyphics all over the walls. But as we looked around, we saw that the room was littered with equipment meant to prepare corpses for mummification. In the center of the room was a stone slab with four chains, presumably to tie down the wrists and ankles. I shuttered at the thought of being chained to it. My first thought was human sacrifice, but as far as I knew, the Ancient Egyptians didn't take part in human sacrifice so this whole set up was extremely out of character for any religious ceremony I was aware of. I asked Dr. O'Neil about the hieroglyphics on the walls and he told me that this was some sort of chamber where those who were sentenced to the "Eternal Death" were bound to the flesh and stripped of their names and doomed to remain on earth until the end of time. I looked around the chamber again, it was more like an ancient torture chamber rather than a place to conduct religious rituals.
We then heard the sound stone cracking and a crash, we jumped and turned towards the sound, it was just Noah. He stepped on a loose tile his leg almost falling through. He got up and dusted himself off "guess we found our first booby trap" he joked. He looked down at the tile and furrowed his brow. "Hey there's something stored here" we all walked over and sure enough there was a collection of scrolls gathered in this hole. With the utmost care, we picked them up placed them on the stone slab, and carefully started to read them over.
Each of us picked one and went on to translate them. As I said, I was never the best at deciphering hieroglyphics, It took me about ten minutes to decipher one word. I looked over at Dr. O'Neil, I saw that he began to get more and more unsettled the color draining from his face, he actually looked sickened. "Oh God all mighty," he said while rubbing his eyes. Hailey asked him what his scroll said. He described the horrible ritual that was performed on the people who were buried in that place. The first step was to chain the subject to the table and several spells were performed to strip them of their identity by removing their eyes and tongue so that they could not look upon the afterlife or speak their name forever binding their soul to their corpse after that, they were then mummified alive.
I have memorized the entire mummification process and imagining being alive and conscious through it made me nauseous. They would have had to remove their vital organs and remove their brain with a red hot poker. I then looked up at all the mummification stations and equipment. Imagining each one being occupied by a person and the chamber being filled with the screams of the dying unable to speak or see only being able to scream in again. I started gagging eventually throwing up my breakfast "that's disgusting" I said while wiping the bile from my mouth. Hailey didn't look so good either her hands over her mouth looking like she was on the verge of tears. "Who would deserve something so horrible"? she asked.
Noah answered that question looking up from the scroll he was reading. According to Noah this ritual was performed for the first time and only once, on a group known as the cult of Apophis. For those who don't know, Apophis is a giant cosmic serpent, the very embodiment of chaos itself. It was its fate to forever try and eat the sun god Ra and bring about the end of times. Each Egyptian god had its own cult whose task was to prayer and honor their patron god or goddess to give them the strength to perform their duty in the universe.
I have never heard of the cult of Apophis, but the Pharaoh and high priests would definitely see this group as a threat and would be deemed as the enemies of the gods. Seeing them as enablers of destruction and chaos. I could see why they would be hated and condemned by Amun. Noah also found that the reason they were barred from the afterlife. The cult believed that when they died and reached the afterlife they would join Apophis and help him to bring about the end of time. I was at the end of my rope I didn't want to continue, I needed a break. I got up on my feet and started pacing. Hailey and Noah had the same idea and wanted to leave the tomb and come back the next day. Dr. O'Neil was inclined to agree but then noticed another doorway to another hallway. He insisted that we see what was at the end of this hallway and then we could leave as it was only an hour until sunset. Reluctantly we indulged and followed him as he brought the scroll he was still reading previously. This hallway seemed longer and darker, our headlamps barely being enough to light the way. The musty smell only increased until the point where we all put bandanas over our faces. Even to the point where Dr. O'Neil began to wrinkle his nose.
After what seemed like an eternity, the hallway finally opened up to another large chamber. This one was even larger than the ritual chamber, on the floor were rows of sarcophaguses, numbering at least 500 or 600. "This must be the cult of Apophis" I said. Dr. O'Niel crouched down to the closest sarcophagus and examined it. We crouched down to and examined it with him taking several photos and looking at the features. where the name should have been there was only a slash and where the prayers for the afterlife usually were inscribed were smashed off. This essentially condemned inside the sarcophagus acting more like a prison than a form of protection. Dr. O'Neil then told us to help him lift open the lid, we looked at each other and hesitated uneased enough already. Dr. O'Neil reassured us that we would leave right after he just needed to see the mummy. Once again we relented and helped him lift the lid off.
The mummy was not like any other I've seen. This one's wrappings were not tightened and its arms and legs were broken free as if it moved around and struggled which loosened the straps over time. The wrappings around the face and chest slipped off over time as well, I could see its rotted face was contorted in a permanent scream. I looked at the lid we just removed asking Hailey, Noah to help me turn it over. After turning it over we gasped and recoiled, there were clearly fingernail marks scratched into the wood. This mummy was still alive when he was buried. But that wasn't possible, he would have had his vital organs and brain removed by the time he was put in the sarcophagus he shouldn't have been alive at all. I was at a complete loss for words, I frantically tried to come up with a logical explanation but I was drawing a blank. Hailey started hyperventilating and Noah looked away and started pacing.
I looked at Dr. O'Neil and told him very sternly that it was time to go and that we should come back tomorrow with more people and equipment. He got up and nodded as if he knew I said something but just didn't acknowledge it. He pulled out the scroll he was carrying and looked at and back at the mummy. He looked back at the scroll, he squinted his eyes at a spot at the bottom of the page. He then uttered several sentences in Ancient Egyptian that I won't even dare to translate. Immediately after, the smell of death and suffering suddenly became overwhelming until the point where the four of us started to gag barely being able to breathe. Then I heard a sound that I will never ever forget, the mummy screamed.
It was an inhuman unholy sound of pure suffering and pain. I then heard the same scream coming from all the other sarcophaguses but they were muffled by the lids. The mummy we just examined began to flail in its sarcophagus eventually spilling out of it and getting up. Hailey screamed in pure terror and Noah backed away "WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT" he shouted!? Dr. O'Neil stood there frozen looking at the other screaming sarcophaguses and back at the mummy. The mummy looked at Hailey and rushed at her, instinctively I shoved the mummy hard from the side, it crumpled to the ground and continued to flail and scream. I grabbed Dr. O'Neil by the collar and shouted in his face "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO"!?
He answered in some jumbled speech stuttering "I..I...dont't know". We were interrupted by the sound of splintering wood and the screams of the other mummies increasing in volume. The others were starting to emerge out of their sarcophaguses like insects hatching from a cacoon. The ones that emerged began running towards us followed by others just beginning to emerge. "RUN"!!!! Hailey shouted. She didn't have to say it twice we bolted for the entrance darting down the hallway the screams of the mummies directly behind us. The hallway seemed even darker and longer but I couldn't tell, my adrenaline was pushing me to the max. Each scream uttered by the hoard behind us making me run even faster.
We managed to reach the ritual chamber, I then heard a crashing noise behind me. I looked behind me and saw Dr. O'Neil was on the ground after tripping and crashing into one of the mummification stations, he was frantically trying to get up but losing balance. I moved toward him to try and help him but then the hoard of mummies emerged from the hallway and fell upon on him. I'll never forget his screams of terror; I saw one of the mummies reach into his mouth, I knew exactly what was about to happen. I turned away and continued to run; I then heard Dr. O'Neil scream, but it was a scream without a tongue. I followed Noah and Hailey down the hallway towards the entrance screams of the hoard of mummies coming closer. By some miracle, we made it to the entrance and we emerged screaming for our lives, the sun was setting when we emerged.
The excavation crew looked at us with concern we tried to tell them but none of us could speak Arabic and we were completely hysterical. We then heard the screams of the hoard in and we began to run again. Behind us we heard the terrified screams of the excavation crew along with the screams of the mummies. We ran between rows of tents avoiding the other panicked excavation members. I saw one man hopelessly wandering the camp without eyes or tongue and blood all over his face. As we ran aimlessly through the camp. I collided with a mummy. I put my hand on its chest keeping it arm's length away from me. Its face was rotted and decayed, its breath was the same as the musty smell of the tomb. It flailed at me trying to claw at my face screaming the entire time my arm began to give way and I started to panic and let the mummy get closer. Noah then hit it over the head with a nearby shovel. The mummy turned its attention towards him and rushed him. It slashed his cheek leaving four bleeding gashes. He hit again harder this time and it crumpled to the ground still trying to get up. We had to leave immediately.
I told them that we had to get to Dr.O'Neil's tent and get the keys to one of the jeeps. We rushed through the camp avoiding burning tents and screaming workers and mummies. We made it to the tent and thank God we found the keys. We ran like hell to the jeeps luckily we all made it. At first, I had trouble getting the key into the ignition due to my shaking hand, and Noah and Hailey yelling at me to start the car. Just then two mummies came up the windows and began banging on the glass. I looked at the one on the driver's side, it then stopped banging the window. I then noticed that this mummy had eyes, human eyes, Dr. Oneil's eyes. It then spoke, it spoke in ancient Egyptian but it was in Dr. Oneil's voice. I was able to understand what it way saying it asked "why can't I die"? What snapped me out of my trance was the sound of cracking of glass om the passenger side. I shoved the key into the ignition and managed to get it started.
I drove into the desert with no idea where I was going. I looked in the rearview mirror and watched the camp burning along with some of the mummies trying to give chase. I imagined more bleeding men walking around with no tongues and eyes. After the camp was out of sight and some more driving the adrenaline began to wear off. I stopped the car and just started taking deep breaths. Hailey started wailing and Noah passed out in the back seat, bleeding all over the place. I just stared into the cold desert night unable to comprehend what I just saw. I thought this world made sense that everything could be explained. But this didn't make any sense it was not even within the realm of reason. I laid my head on the steering wheel and screamed along with tears rolling down my face. After crying for about ten minutes I pulled out the map and compass and we barely managed to make it back to the oasis town. We were in hysterics barely being able to talk or walk properly constantly collapsing to the ground. The locals didn't know what we're saying due to our broken Arabic. A local man let us stay in his house while he arranged a flight back to Cairo.
We landed in Cairo where we promptly interrogated by the Egyptian police. Since we were the only survivors and they wanted to know what happened to the excavation team and Dr. O'Neil. We told them everything, not holding back any details. They didn't believe us of course, the official story is that we were attacked by a group of bandits trying to rob us and that they killed Dr. O'Neil and the massacred the excavation team. The police called our families and they came to take back to the US. Hailey, Noah, and I parted ways to go home and we didn't talk to each other for the rest of the summer.
I suffered from horrible night terrors for months on end, always hearing Dr. O'Neil's screams, seeing the man without his eyes and tongue seeing the mummy that almost got to me and on the worst nights seeing the mummy with Dr. O'Niels eyes. I just sat on my parents' couch and just stared, numb to the world around me. One day, my dad tried to watch the Universal Studios Mummy movie to cheer me up because it was always my favorite. But this time I started to scream and cry at the first sight of Immothep and going into a catatonic state for hours.
Over time things got better, I was still paranoid and looking over my shoulder every now and then but I started to move on. My therapist helps of course, I know she doesn't believe me but she indulges. I decided not to return to Berkely that fall, opting to take the semester off instead. I heard Noah dropped out completely and wouldn't be returning at all. I tried texting him but he never got back to me, the last thing I heard he just stays in his room for hours smoking weed for days on end. Hailey did return but she dropped out the Egyptology major and opted just for a history degree instead. She texted me and told me that she is doing fairly well and she looking forward to when I come back.
At first, I was going to follow Hailey's example and drop out of the Egyptology program and pursue something else. But something changed. During my semester off I worked as a waiter at my local diner and while I was on my way to work, I heard on the radio that there was an uptick in violence in Egypt and Libya. Reports of entire villages being slaughtered the victims being left without eyes and tongues. I can't begin to understand these things, but I do know they are bound to their flesh, cursed to wander the earth for all time, they are the Nameless Ones.
I went back to my roots, spending hours at the library, scouring the Internet for any mention of the Eternal Death ritual and the Cult of Apophis. My research is coming up dry, it doesn't help that Ancient Egyptians erased any history they didn't like. I have a feeling that Dr. O'Neil knew more that he lead us on. Any former students or colleagues of his, do you know anything about this? To other Egyptologists. Do you know anything about the Cult of Apophis or the Eternal Death? What does the cult want? What is the cult's purpose now that they have been released? To everyone else. Have you or someone you know encountered one of these monsters? I am trying to map out their movements, any reports of attacks or sightings are helpful. Any feedback is welcome. Please stay safe.
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2018.10.25 01:04 devvra #crazees

I was asked to research the deaths of seven teenagers for an article. They had died, more or less, at the same time in front of their computers but they had all been in different parts of California. People hadn't been able to find the connection between them, though I had found one girl who had apparently been lucky enough to escape this fate. She had been the one to call the police.
Do you know how she was saved?
She had logged off a few moments before everything happened.
Really mysterious, right? To be honest, I'm pretty skeptical whenever people talk about these "mysterious" cases. The solutions are always something that makes sense. Like this? Speculations of all sorts are going around, but I've had a case like it before.
Last time, it turned out to be the idoicy of today's teenagers. A mass suicide with their online friends. I know, it sounds terribly stupid to us, but young people can do crazy things. What had happened in that case? How did we hear about it? One of the people online had only pretended to take the pills to die.
So I took the case and spoke to the lone survivor, a girl: "dolly" She was really introverted and would evade questions, usually just shrugging or saying she didn't know. What broke her was her learning I was speaking to the families of the victims as well.
She begged me to stop. When I asked why, she finally told me something useful. They were online friends, ten of them. Most of them had never met in person, but they had made their own chat client, with their own channels and everything. It wasn't IRC, but it looked a lot like it. It was through this that two of them got to know each other better, meeting in real life and dating. Dolly couldn't continue, she just begged me to not look into it, to leave it alone.
I couldn't do that though. I had a job to do. When I learned of it, I got permission to look at a computer. The parents said it hadn't been touched, that they hadn't wanted to disturb anything. I don't know if it's true or not but they had brought me to a laptop that was unplugged with the battery on the table.
Our tech specialist said it was difficult. I won't bore you with all his jargon because honestly, I don't know what he meant with most of it. He was saying it was pretty much a miracle he found it. Exaggeration much? Seriously, he went on about how the database apparently didn't want to say that day even existed and he found frames and... Yeah. I told you I didn't understand him.
But hey, he found it, so that was good enough for me. It had a bunch of gibberish on it, but it was pretty easy to read through. Look. I told my boss I couldn't write the article. Namely because I don't know what happened to these kids. As for their parents, well, I had to tell the truth: the kids weren't part of a suicide cult or anything, not like others. But as for what happened... well, hell if I know.
I think I'm done with investigative reporting for a bit though. This is just... I don't know. It's just fucked up, plain and simple. I think I owe the families the truth though. And the people who were saying all sorts of things about these kids... I owe it to them to try and put it right.
So here's the log that we salvaged. Read it at your own risk.
And I mean that literally and legally, as in you can't sue us if anything happens.

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if you tried to loose the tension, you screwed xD
Your sense of humour, man, is sometimes really a n n o y i n g.
ok windy, tell us whats up because i need to go and i wont sleep because of you now
come to me crowny i will tire you that much you will fell asleep immediately
duck off :<®ëл»­±
yeah duck off from my babe ;p
we were in tahthome itod you baout.
I can't remember a thing about it?
ooooh this abandoned one?
and what? some crazy exhibitionist assaulted you? <3
damn human :<
Seriously, it isn't funny for me too.
What happened, Windy?
god, abandoned houses : i would seriously shit my pants
why did you even go
* dolly [[email protected]*] has joined #crazeesþðóó¯¯
dolly <3
doll <3
Doll! (:
hi there : D
okay, what can i do with your shitty lack of humour :<
doll :* whazzup?
wind is bitching about something but we cannot communicate with her because she's drunk <3
hey i will tell you jew joke
Enough of this, Human, or I will kick you (: I am not kidding this time.
good reign of brein :D
about time xD
don't kick human, it's not his fault that his head is that small:(
ok, wind, are you there?
wohooo you are
professional rapper crowned :D
i know i feel the flow <3
Knock, knock - Windy? Tell us. About this house.
she went probably for pee don't disturb her
Human, have you ever heard about this crazy invention, typos?
* chariot [[email protected]*] has joined #crazees
CHA RIOOOOT :D :D :D another lost one is found
but chariot was offline for a week only xD
riot :* how was your trip ?
powerful chariot is here, hahahahahah <3
Greetings, Chariot (:
yo frogeaters :P
ok now i'm really into it. wind, hello, hello? :<
trip was awesome, but i'm quitting to drink anymore :P
i remember something about this house
yeah me too, they wanted to go thereìĆ¹®æìĆ¹®æ
ouch so you won't drink with windy who is our new chat alcoholic :D
Stupid PJ's ideas. I knew it turns badly.
we don't even know what happened. don't judge, brein.
we went thre a t eveening with flasahlight.s. i dont kno w why. h wanteed ro go lok on tht house. im to anzious fr theng s lke it. bbut h cnvimced me. nd we rebt togeher. nd fuck you kno what he clensed uppp tis mesd, h fond a blaket, vin, picnic. shit i didnt exect sich thinh. hturned or fav song. dreamy. t was lovely. i wont share details, figre tt b yrself. irs not portant. ¨¦~¢¡£
i've returned to swallow your souls XDDDDDDDD
awwwwww such sweet date <33
lol i didn't know pj is such romantic
crowny i will take you on one to creepy house do you want it?
yay :< why no one is doing that things for me
Oh, ok. That's not important. So what's important?
i will make that kind of date to my gf :P
windy don't drink that much i am worried about your liver :C
i am worried about your brain human <3
he never had one xD
indeed xD what else wind?
wild sex jaroz close your eyes :C
i will punch your face one day, i swear
... we're silent and awaiting for part two :P cool...
like in fucking cinema :D
anwy ... w lid on taht blaket ans something hit in the flor abpve... i thoggt i would die outofear. and ,ike i maen pj wasd angre. somethin g blienked om thje stars. we saw ti fromythe room swe were in. smefce. someone laughed. i almsot peedmyslf. and pjj was mad becuauose he thought hds rother knew aboyt our daring plansand goth her with thnjes came ra to film our sexx. and jhe went upstairs. i waojnted for almost an holur i tguink. i thought it was along time but whemi checkwsm,y watch it was 5 minutes. i heassrd eveyrthing, his steps uplsflor, he spk,e somehttimng tomsomeone. but hne wasnt scre;'aming so this wasdn't is brotherbcease he wlds beat hmn. iddint like thasdt at allb but i was top afrsid to go upsdtairs. and suddenly somhing HIT on the ground at my flor.
gooooood :< i'm scared, don't continue
woosy paper :O
you would shit yourself too human
good lord O_______O""
oooooomggggg :O :O :O and what was that?
nevermind if ghosts pj probably beat the shit out of them :D
Shut up, you two.
or what, will you kick us? <3
immortal duo man on chariot is back :D
give us fun
i think it's chariot on man :/
ok i'm boreeed go on wind for now this porn plot is really not amusing
I swear, Human.
on the grave? <3
you're nasty boy, human, brein will spank you :P
u yelly? :DìĆ¹®æ
eh stop it now. wind? what else?
finlaly he cmae bac bgt iy was we ird. hes aid onmly 'get thjefuck otfof here'. i was freightened amd askedhim whajt wqs that anmd evertyhing. bujt he dkint answre. hje olyh sai d to not wortry. and thjat's lal. he acompanied m,e to my bome. he dind't kiss me for godby e. andm he hd always did ut. hje was s trange. silentt. and angry. i was worrtied he's mnad at me and iodk why. ito was rrly trrtbile,m he was nolt himlsef anymroe. i didn't knew mike like that. anmd it was the ljast time i saw him. iwent home anmd fel asl eep, it was sadd, thjinfgs werer strangge. and he s missing frok thjat dasy. he didnnt wen t homefor a nigjt. his mother called me, yslling 'where is hee'\. tjhey cal;led the ppoolice/ he's mioossing. theuy searcheed that housee. there were nithing in there. no blanket. no picnic. nothing. shit. i,m sitting n cryuing for a mountyh. crying n drinking. comfortme because idk wh at to do.
my god.....
But how? Did he just disappear? When did you call the police?
his phone is turned off and all?
poor windy :(((((((
oh my god, babe, think about yourself now, everything's gonna be good!
even human cant speak a word
im sorry wind really
terrible situation
ye. idk. wh at now.
seek and you will find
no, really, maybe he has some kind of depression and he went somewhere to rethink things. people do things like that sometimes.
everything will be solved in time
re. i won't sleep that night. wind i feel you :C
phone brb
good lord.
jesus christ.
idk what to say
and now all my problems are small in comparision
* pj has joined #crazees
i toooold you B)
PJ, what the hell?
lol. what...
ok i dont like it at all
now i'm not sure if windy and pj are making prank on us or is this serious
hahahahaha of course it's prank¥r_ú¯ñ­­¬¶¥±
yea sure because pj was alwaaaaays a prankster
It doesn't look like a prank to me. If so, it's a sick one. You could do something like that, human.
yea, he probably hacked pj's account :C
yeah cause i am soooo advanced hacker
pfht he can't do such things :/
what for are you fucking counting?
for your death time <3
pj better explain yourself :
wtf. wtf. wtf. :O
wind come heeeeeeeeere and just say you've fucked up sense of humour :C
ok i understand nothing and now im crying
end this shit
crowny me too : i don't like situations like that
fuck it people we're on the internet
no kidding, human, something's wrong
no u
Jesus Christ. I already noticed. PJ has no IP number.
what O_______O
I'm a moderator and I'm seeing IP of people logging in chat.
PJ has no fucking IP.
ok now i'm the one who's going to cry :C
whooaaa, they are doing a prank with brein :D trolling is a art±~¢ññô»¨«
Shit, human. I'm not kidding.
i'm quitting, i will come tomorrow, when you stop fucking things up.
* dolly has quit
i'm staying <3
get the fuck out of here
jesus... what is this about :C
wind come on im really crying
i like it tough <3
guys i feel cold :(
hjes ddd
hes ded
he's fucking dead
ok even i think that's bad joke wind
and that's meaning something
What are you saying?
then who's on pj account?
fuck idk and i don't want to kno w
what is this shit
my god
my god
there must be explanation
i beg you :O :O :O
ohmum im scared.
me too :C
MY GO. i cannot quit.
I can't do it too. I can't logout.
i have the same problem :C
me toooo
what the fucking shitty joke
enough of it
yeah shit
come on
I cannot even reboot. I can't do anything.
god i cannot do anything oomgomgomg im cryigngg
don't smash your head on the keyboard crown
i cannot im scared
i cannot quit my computer too
i want go out i want go out
goddamit they send us malware don't shit yourself±~¢ññô»¨«
it's not funny i unplugged my pc and it's still running!!!!
Not funny at all.
i feel sick
im gonna puke on the screen idk
m too
my god, i'm trembling, i fel bafdtoo
I feel like shjt too.
i'm gonna pee
brb someone is coming
holy shit it's my mum
wait it's not her it's so,mewes
* crowned has quit
* human has quit
* chariot has quit
* paperjet has quit
* alejaroz has quit
* breindamage has quit
* windy has quit
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2016.08.12 07:34 VannStrife Skyforge Beginner's Manual & Game Information

Welcome, Skyforgians!
Last Updated: 22/Aug/2016
WARNING: THIS GUIDE IS SPLIT INTO TWO DIFFERENT SECTIONS, YOU CAN FIND THE SECOND PART OF THE GUIDE HERE. Reddit only has a 40,000 character limit which severely limited any progression on the first original post, so posting a second thread was the only possible solution to this problem after discussing it with the moderators on the subreddit. Hopefully this is an organized and manageable way to rely information, and I apologize for being unable to fit all of the information into one post!
So, this guide is going to contain a multitude of things for the Reddit community to use and share amongst other immortals and new players to Skyforge. If you're going to be negative, just don't. If something needs changed, please share it below so I can get it changed. I'll try to answer most of the frequent questions that I've seen throughout Reddit and in-game (from my Pantheon, Myrmidons) as well as list some general tips that I wish I'd known prior to starting my first account. As such, this guide will contain some of the "dos" and the "donts" that you'll face in your first several months as a beginner immortal, and even some things when you become an God. If you have any personal questions, you can join my discord ( or just post them below for a more delayed and diversive response.
As for now, the main things that I'll be covering (a table of contents, of sorts) are listed below. You can use CTRL + F to locate any of the sections below!
Skyforge Guide: Part One
Skyforge Guide: Part Two
note: if you don't see something above, please let me know so I can get it included in the list.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Skyforge: Become a God
Welcome to the game! You've downloaded the game, and you're finally part of the community. You're going to find some of the special things that make Skyforge fun in this section, and while others may disagree, I continue finding fun in this game every single day. While it doesn't have the greatest skill animations, it does have beautiful graphics, terrible (yet funny) voice actors, a decent storyline, and things to do whenever you want.
Key Features
  • 13 classes, switchable on your character whenever you feel like.
  • Divine Mode, enhanced combat gameplay at the cost of in-game obtainable energies (faith).
  • Invasion storylines and missions.
  • Unique combat system.
  • Always something to do, squads, groups, invasion missions, parties, raids, training avatars and more.
  • Somewhat "balanced" 3v3 player versus player. Massive Battles is a wreck, but fun sometimes.
  • Active region chat during top hours, never have a problem finding a group for any missions.
  • Hilarious voice acting. Hilarious. Seriously, hilarious. Bad, but hilarious.
  • Unique character costumes (somewhat), they aren't that COOL, but they're kinda cool.
  • Companion system, attacks, revives and picks up items.
  • In-game currency to real money currency conversions.
  • Caps and spark caps to attempt to prevent "older" players progressing to endless levels.
  • Pantheons to stimulate activity amongst group-play.
  • Arguably the best graphical display of scenary and cutscenes in the MMO current.
You'll find that this game receives a lot of hate on Reddit and the forums, ignore this. Get into the game, join a Pantheon's academy (look below), and start your adventure. A lot of the game is self explanatory, however, some will take getting used to. It has a unique combat system, it should explain how that works. If you need any help, need more information on Skyforge, or simply want to chatter, you can join my Discord (
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re looking for guidance early on in the game, and you’ve got some questions you may (or may not) be seeking answers for, please seek your answers below. If they’re unclear, ask for further clarification... but as of now, these are the questions I've seen most frequently asked throughout the forums, reddit, and in-game. Again, any questions, let me know!
Q: What is the current best starting class?
  • This depends on YOU! If you like to support others, you can start immediately as a Lightbinder. If you're interested in doing lots of damage, and seeing high numbers, make sure you're starting out as a Cryomancer. Finally, if you're interested in tanking, supporting and doing a moderate amount of damage, start as a Paladin. You'll find that these classes remain relevant throughout the game, having their own purpose and needs, but the one you choose now does help with how you get into the game. Choose wisely. I personally recommend choosing Cryomancer, maxing the class, and then getting Evolution Sparks to max the Paladin class, you must have a premium account to be receiving Sparks of Evolution . But more of that will be explained later.
Q: Can you have multiple accounts?
  • Yes, you just need a different email, phone number or twitter account to use as login information.
Q: Can you restart on accounts? Any way to reverse what you’ve done in the atlas/game?
  • No, unfortunately. If you’ve deleted an item, put in tons of sparks that you shouldn’t have, or done anything else you regret, there’s hardly any circumstance they allow you to reverse anything that you personally did to your account.
Q: How do I unlock the Ascension Atlas? I'm stuck inside of a class atlas and can't seem to find the "Ascension Atlas"? Do I need to complete something for this?
  • Ah, yes. In order to unlock your Ascension Atlas, you must reach the node inside of your initial class's atlas (whether that's Cryomancer, Paladin or Lightbinder) that allows you to start gathering class sparks for that specific class. After unlocking this node, you will be able to access the upper Ascension Atlas. According to Reddit user @DietEbolaCoke, you must also complete a quest of some sort prior to unlocking the atlas. So if you don't unlock it quite yet, don't fret!
Q: I see there are 13 classes on Skyforge, but I only have three unlocked. What can I do to unlock any of these other classes?
  • You can do two different things to unlock classes in Skyforge! Your first option is the typical one, that's following the path of sparks to the class in the Ascension Atlas. An easy way to find the fastest path is to find the class you're trying to unlock and "right-click" the class node you're trying to access and set that as your path. Your second option is buying one of the collector edition packages that occasionally release and receiving particular classes like that. Sometimes Skyforge will also send you an email containing a free class unlock if you're lucky!
Q: How do I receive the grey and pink sparks needed to unlock particular nodes in the Ascension Atlas? The talent I'm trying to reach is being blocked and I've never seen these nodes!
  • You can unlock the pink sparks as well as Sparks of Revelation doing two different things. You can do Ether Trees in the Hostile Territories after reaching 32,000 prestige, or by participating in Small Battles! If you win a particular number of 3v3 (Small Battles/Battle of Equals), you will receive an amount of Sparks of Revelation that can be used to open paths.
Q: So, I've heard you can unlock "class symbols" by completing the class atlas. What does this entitle, and how do I do it? Is there a symbol/class that I should focus on finishing first? What are the best symbols?
  • Yes! You can unlock two symbol slots, a class outfit and a class symbol for successful completion of a class atlas. You can successfully complete a class atlas by *completely obtaining all of the "big nodes" in the class atlas, you do NOT need to unlock every node to finish the atlas! You should focus on finishing your favorite class first, and then if you've got premium, you can use this class to receive Sparks of Evolution that are useable on ANY class atlas! You should focus on Paladin's symbol first, it's very essential to the gameplay of Skyforge. After that, your symbol choices are focused on what you want to do. If you're a DPS, the Witch/ArcheKinetic/Alchemist symbols are all very good. If you're a tank, then the LightbindeKnight skills are good! If you're a support, tanking symbols work well.
Q: So, I'm stuck in a rock in a squad, or I'm stuck in general and I need some help. I can't move, I can't jump out of it, and I can't mount. What should I do?
  • Stuck again! No worries. You can try a couple of different things. First things first, try to switch classes to Lightbinder, you can use their teleport skill to try to get back on track and out of a stuck spot. If that doesn't work, try to click F11 and get out of it that way (leaving the adventure). If that fails, log off and come back in 30 minutes, your character typically resets unless it's in an Open Region. If you're in an Open Region and this occurs, open your map and teleport to your nearest teleport pad for 750 credits (free for premium).
Q: Why does PvP take so long to queue?
  • It's a simple matter of not as many players enjoying player versus player as much as the players whom enjoy doing player versus everything. You can usually help your queue time by typing "queue for 10v10" or "queue for 3v3" in the region chat. This usually gets 5-10 people registered immediately.
Q: When do you get Divine Form, and what is it?
  • Divine Form is an enhancement usable during “active play” maps and missions (squads, party missions, groups, invasion missions, sudden attacks, open regions), in which you receive a significant boost to your HP, damage, movement speed and overall survivability. You get this mode after completing the story line mission that becomes available to you after reaching 32,000 prestige.
Q: I read you can do Hostile Territories in Divine Mode without a group after completing God of Travels, but everytime I try to click a tree, it says that I need to be in a group. Any help with this?
  • Yes, you can actually do Hostile Territories (Anomalies) without a group. You must first have the Understanding of Mysteries node inside of your God of Travels atlas lit up. After that, using Divine Mode then clicking the tree will allow you to do the mission alone. You cannot activate the tree then go Divine Mode, you must first activate the Divine Mode, then click the tree.
Q: Is Skyforge dying?
  • What’s dead can never die! Just kidding. It is in a decline, but to consider it dying? No. If every new player that reads this post gives it a full hearted chance, then no. If everyone reads the discouraging comments made by angry 12 year olds on a Wednesday night before their mother takes their internet access away, then yes, it’s possible the game could die. Get an account made, download the game client/launcher, and join us!
Q: I haven’t played in months, I’ve got tons of things in my inventory that I don’t understand, and my caps are outrageous. What should I do?
  • Well, welcome back to start things rolling. You’re going to need to sort through your inventory, if it’s full, it will not allow you to join missions, walk or really do anything at all. So begin by sorting through your inventory. Your biggest advantage when “sorting” your inventory, is going to be hovering over each item, as some give a brief description. Things you should primarily care about: Ether Cores, Holy Texts, Premium Subscriptions. If you get little consumables/useable (such as Jar of Acid), you can choose to either sell them or keep them. They do take up space in a very limited inventory system. After sorting, you’ll want to start tackling your caps. In those bags, boxes and gimmicks they give you, you should have gotten your hands on “Spark Replicators”, those are located in the bottom middle of the screen on any menu/inventory window. They are extremely important, and can act as replicators (duh) to boost your gaining of sparks and momentum. You’ll want to begin tackling these sparks based on your prestige and current availability to things… whether or not you can join Operation Isabella: Attack, or if you will have to grind our squads in Echeleon is entirely up to your current prestige. If you can find someone to carry you through the brackets of OI:A, then by all means, find someone. Sparks are important! Gather blue sparks primarily to begin, you’ll understand why in a later section. Green and red are great and shouldn’t be avoided, I mean… red could be, but you’ll understand soon. Start grinding.
Q: What do I do if my client keeps freezing? I'm getting heavy amounts of lag and honestly I don't think my computer is strong enough to run Skyforge, any solutions?
  • Your first thing to do is make sure other CPU extensive applications aren't on your computer, this could be things like any sort of other game, Skype, even in some cases your browser. If these things are all off, and you're still facing issues, attempt to get into your graphical settings in your game and make sure those are not messed up. If all else fails, reinstall the game. That sometimes helps with these kind of issues.
Q: What are caps?
  • Your caps are located in your "valuables tab" in your inventory window. These represent the amount of each of these categories that you collect in one weeks time. These caps reset every Wednesday morning (PST). If you've a got 15,000 "insight cap spark cap", then you can collect 15,000 sparks of insight before being unable to collect anymore. This system was set in place to ensure any "new joining player" could "catch up" to the older players, although the system doesn't always work as intended.
Q: Should I join a Pantheon Academy?
  • Yes! Preferably one that has high towers, too. Pantheon Academies do a lot for the younger player, providing between a 5-10k prestige boost in their towers. Also, they generally help lead you into the larger Pantheons, which are extremely helpful in running larger missions, groups, distortions, and invasions. Academies also reward small gifts for advancing and leveling up, things you don't want to miss! Join a Pantheon Academy today.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Current Class Meta
Are you tired of being the worst DPS? Are you sick and tired of dying every time you're supposed to be "the tank"? How about support? Are you tired of your group yelling at you because you've got NO IDEA what you're doing?! If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right section. Here's a little bit about the current class meta.
DPS Chart (Overall Damage)
  • Archer (One Shot)
  • Gunner
  • Witch (Normal Build)
  • Cryomancer
  • Witch (Curse Bot)
  • Berserker
  • Monk
  • Kinetic & Necromancer & Slayer
Tank Chart (Survivability)
  • Knight
  • Paladin
Support Chart (Necessity)
  • Alchemist
  • Lightbinder
Great, so you can see the currently relevant classes in Skyforge, but you're still confused on the builds, the equipment, the rings... I get it, you're confused. I could explain every single build, for every single class here but that would just take too long. So instead of that, I'm going to post an extremely helpful guide to just about every relevant class (as well as rotations, chapel priority, and everything else) inside of it.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Terminology / Abbreviations
One of the biggest problems that I first faced in Skyforge was the constant abbreviations and terminology that I just didn't understand in the regional chat when I was looking for a group. Basically, the "Group Finder" in the game doesn't really work. Nobody uses it. If everyone used it, then we wouldn't have the constant spam in the regional chat... but when you're looking at the regional chat, you've got to know what the words you should be typing, and looking for, are. I'm going to give you a list here.
Common Terminology
  • LFXM = "Looking For X More"
  • INV = "Invite"
  • LFG = "Looking for Group"
  • PUG = "Pick Up Group"
  • Xmn = "X More"
Mission Abbreviations
  • MSM = "Mare Sacro Monastery"
  • DF = "Daren Facility", EU = "Daren"
  • HT = "Hespilon Temple"
  • TI = "Targo Islands"
  • TA = "Tarlen Aquifer", EU = "Tarlen"
  • KLS = "Kuat-Lien Station"
  • LS = "Leunar Swamps", EU = "Leunar"
  • FD = "Fort Darlek", EU = "Darlek"
  • OIA = "Operation Isabella: Attack", EU = "ISA"
  • OMA = "Operation Medea: Attack", EU = "MEA"
  • OMS = "Operation Medea: Storm", EU = "MES"
  • OOA = Operation Ophelia: Attack", EU = "OPA"
  • LaH = "Lending a Hand"
  • AFG = "Abandoned Fort Garune"
  • SC = "Settlement Capture"
  • CA = "Crashed Aircraft"
  • IT = "Infected Territories"
  • SFG = "Screening Field Generator"
  • CS = "Crash Site"
  • OI = "Oceanid Incubator"
  • KAP = "Kanter Aelerium Plant"
  • Evac = "Evacuation"
  • DR = "Dark Ritual"
  • IW/Icy = "Icy Wasteland"
  • DoF = "Defense of Fortifications"
  • Flag = "Flagship"
  • A1 - A4, B1 - B4, C1 - C4 = "Distortion A1 - A4, B1 - B4, C1 - C4, etc"
PvP Abbreviations
  • BOE/3v3 = "Battle of Equals"
  • 10v10/MB = "Massive Battles"
  • LRB = "Lugran Research Base"
Difficulty Abbreviations
  • 1st - 5st = "1 to 5 Star", EU = "XXX1-XXX5"
  • 1sk - 5sk = "1 to 5 Skull", EU = "XXX6-XXX10"
  • 1fire/flame - 5fire/flame = "1 to 5 Flame", EU = "XXX11-XXX15"
I did have a big problem with these, but after reading the list over a couple of times, the abbreviations really start to make sense. If you can think of any common abbreviations, let me know in the comments below. I know this is a confusing thing for a lot of people, so I hope this helps!
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Helpful Tips & Tricks
Need some helpful advice? Are you confused on some kind of aspect of the game? No worries. I got you in this category. This will be the section that gives you ALL of the helpful tips and tricks that I've learned throughout the game, and some helpful categories that I wish I'd known about before I started in/advanced into Skyforge. I'll try to keep this section as updated as possible. If you know of any other tips and tricks, please let me know! I'd love to spread your words with everyone!
  • Before hitting 32,000 prestige, focus primarily on getting your blue nodes in your Ascension Atlas filled. Every blue node inside of that small region blocked by the pink and revelation sparks should be filled, and green nodes are fine too. You should avoid Might until you get to 32,000 prestige as just a way of "min-maxing" your DPS at earlier levels. Strength, Luck, Spirit and Valor are a lot more important stats than Might at this early prestige phase.
  • Sell ALL of your story-line medium sized spark replicators, do not open them! You will receive 510 argents for every 3 replicators sold. This adds up to over 10,000 argents by the end of the storyline.
  • Spend all of your credits in the beginning of the game on reaching 10/10/12 on your equipment boosters, primary, off-hand and equipment respectively. Do not ever accelerate your Order missions using credits, and for the moment, do not convert your credits to argents.
  • Any credits left over after 10/10/12, save for the upcoming events. At this time, you should convert your credits to argents and spend all of your money on hoarding argents to spend speeding up your event process to get victor's medals.
  • You should not convert argents to victor's medals, save these argents for events. Save ALL argents for events. Period. You should not spend your argents on anything else.
  • If you're looking to maximize your damage, you should focus on getting all of your Order to max capacity. You will need the optimizers that can be purchased using victor's medals, and these will allow you to have two bonuses per region of your Order's control. This adds up to massive bonuses once you get to higher levels, and are extremely necessary.
  • Do your best to find a pantheon that actively keeps A1-A4 distortions unlocked, once you hit 30-70k prestige, the A1 distortion farm is unparalleled for Sparks of Evolution farming. You can gain over 24,000 Sparks of Evolution an hour if you're equipped with an appropriate team. Ask your pantheon leaders for help with this.
  • After unlocking your Divine form, you should focus on unlocking your two secret knowledge mission nodes (located in the Divine Atlas), these will allow you to send adepts to find Secret Knowledge (10 for successful completion, 5 for a failed completion), and this will add up. You can send them every 8 hours, so a total of 6 missions can be done in a single day. That equals 60 secret knowledge. Major unlocks require 1,400 secret knowledge, small unlocks require 120. You can see how this adds up if you're doing it correctly.
  • Unlock God of Travels. Unlock every node and symbol in this atlas. It is extremely useful for DPS, and even more so for solo players. You'll find that this atlas is a starting ground for everything you'll do in Skyforge.
  • Don't spend your batteries and research grants unnecessarily, if you need to reach a particular research rank to do something with urgency, by all means, do it. However, save your grants and batteries for the Mechanoid Travatar farming. You will find this is where you unlock the most bonuses, the most rewards and overall the most monetary gain in a single hour farming invasions. You will find out more about this later.
  • Do not enlighten any adept that doesn't have an 8/10+ rating. This is where the two skills they have each have 4/5 or higher, any adepts below this are trash. You will end up turning them into a missionary later anyways, bye Felicia! You need one adept from each kind (Templar, Agent, Mystic, etc) and then after having one of each, focus on getting more Sorcerers and more Templars. These add Strength and Luck at a later date, as well as add useful bonuses when being used in important missions.
  • You should use region chat instead of group finder, build a group, then go and do runs accordingly. You will find this is a much quicker way of getting into the instances. Group finder basically sucks!
  • You get Sparks of Evolution after completing a class (this means unlocking every major node in that class's atlas), so instead of receiving the class sparks, you get Sparks of Evolution. Sparks of Evolution are valued highly towards the end-game, and a majority of things that are important are done using Sparks of Evolution. My personal recommendation is that you should max out Cryomancer, then use the Sparks of Evolution you gain from using this class to unlock any other classes you need. THIS REQUIRES A PREMIUM ACCOUNT.
  • You WILL need to pay to win this game in a timely manner. No, it's not built for serious play, and in fact, you can get to high prestiges without donating. However, will you be as strong as those whom have donated and participated in every event? No. Does it matter? No! These are generally the ones who lead the raids, avatar missions, and flagships. You'll be fine being mediocre, your mother didn't lie to you!
  • My final, and best tip of advice: have fun. If you take the game too seriously, you'll find that people really start to gravitate away from you. Have fun, be cheerful and friendly, get excited at things you know you should be excited by. Enjoy the game, don't burn yourself out, and get going!
Of course, these tips are mostly the things I wish I'd known before playing. If you have something/think of something that you don't see here, feel free to let me know to add it. I'd love to share your experiences with everyone as well! This is a group effort.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> DPS vs. Tank vs. Support
Do you like to take massive amounts of damage, do massive amounts of damage, or heal and create massive amounts of damage? Skyforge has fundamentally three different categories of classes, that each will fall into. When it comes down to it, it's about the same schema as any generic MMO. You'll find those that like to dish out massive amounts of damage, lead the group in DPS, and take down the boss's massive amounts of HP. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you'll love to be the one putting up the shields, dishing out the group stamina buffs, and watching as your HP never drops below 75%. In the middle, you'll find the ones that are giving support to the classes, increasing the damage, applying shields to others, and making sure your group makes it out alive. This is the three class specialties.
  • Archer (One Shot)
  • Berserker (Shield BreakeFracture)
  • Cryomancer (Whiteout)
  • Gunner (Missile Salvo)
  • Kinetic (Sledgehammer)
  • Necromancer (Reaper's Sweep)
  • Monk (?????)
  • Slayer (Blood Harvest)
  • Warlock (Taint, Living Helper, Curse)
  • Paladin (Shields)
  • Knight (Shields & Damage Mitigation)
  • Alchemist (Spray and Stims)
  • Lightbinder (Ultimate and 3)
Choosing a class path doesn't matter, you'll be switching between them all frequently, and you're able to change your class at virtually any time, as I mentioned above. Depending on your usage, you'll be support most of the time, and either tank/damage dealer, depending on what you want.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Sparks (Class, Evolution, Insight, Pink, Revolution, Invasion)
Your entire prestige is all based off of these little sparks. You get those doing a multitude of ways, but the primary way you get them is as rewards for completing squads, groups, invasion missions, and occasionally as login rewards during events. Each spark represents a different bonus you're receiving when activating a node requiring that color, and each one applies to prestige (with an exception of particular greatness nodes, though this is not confirmed). As of now, you will find that...
  • Blue: Greatness, Spirit, Strength, Luck, Spirit, Valor, Abilities.
  • Green: Stamina, Proficiency.
  • Red: Might, Proficiency.
  • Sparks: Might, Stamina, Luck, Strength, Valor, Spirit, Abilities, Symbols, Talents.
  • Knowledge Sparks: Might, Stamina, Luck, Strength, Valor, Spirit, Abilities, Symbols, Talents.
  • Sparks: Talents, Might, Stamina, Luck, Spirit, Strength, Valor, Abilities, Talents, Skills.
Blocker Nodes
  • Pink: Random.
  • Revelation: Random.
You will find that by prioritizing the sparks you need to get to various directions, you'll advance further in your game. You'll need to do things like that navigate to the nearest Ultimate Strength or Maximum Recoil node, and by focusing on the nodes required to do such a task, you'll find that you'll both advance yourself in the game and get necessary nodes unlocked in your atlas.
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Joining a Pantheon (Academy Information)
Joining a Pantheon before and after turning 32,000 prestige is extremely important, nearly so important that you cannot really proceed without it. Unlocking the vectors in the invasion atlas are extremely important to end-game DPS and tanking, as well as general health, due to the free stats involving stamina, you can only do this while in a pantheon. You'll notice that tons of things are available to you, but not all of them are able to be completed, high level pantheons will help players do these difficult missions.
Why should I join a pantheon?
  • You'll have friends, and make a small circle of trusted players that will help you.
  • You can have access to their towers which give you decent bonuses to stats in exchange for victor's medals.
  • You will have access to Distortions, which unlock vectors inside of invasion atlas.
  • You will be able to sit on training avatar runs, flagship carries, and get your books quicker.
  • Usually, you'll meet some friends that will wanna run squads, groups and invasion missions with you!
  • It's cool to be in a group.
You can view your Pantheon information, and all of the academies, by clicking the "O" button. It will show the available academies as well, as there are pantheons that always have filled academies (this is usually the top pantheons in the server).
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
> Abusing Skyforge's Catch Up System
I had some confusion about this originally as well, but after talking to a lot of people, I've managed to clear up some doubts on this so I can share it with most of you. Asking a lot of veteran players didn't actually manage to help me here, since most of them didn't receive any sort of bonus to "catch up" at all, so they didn't understand the relevance for it. I then started to seek out old posts, and such.
As such, there are three key factors that lead into whether or not you're eligible to receive any sort of "catch up" bonus on your account...
  • How long after Skyforge's initial release (first week production), your account was made.
  • How high your caps currently are on your character, the further away from 0, the higher your catch up bonus.
  • What prestige your account is in reference to the currently highest prestiged player in the game.
Now, what the catch up system effectively does is replicate your sparks received (excluding pink sparks, invasion sparks, and sparks of revelation) and "replicates" them based on a number conceived from the three factors noted above. Each "spark replicator" will have a particular amount of % bonus that it can wield, this number increases as the factors above increase and decrease accordingly.
I'll set up an example to better understand:
Imagine you're a first-weeker. You started playing Skyforge right then. However, you quit the game, and you came back after a year to play again. You've got ridiculously high caps, but your account was made in the first week, and you're a low prestige. As you've got two positive factors contributing to your account, you'll see that your spark replicators (which you'd have received a lot by now), will be giving you a massive % of additional sparks. It won't give you the maximum it can, but certain factors lead into each other.
Now, the best part. How can you abuse this? Well, do you remember back to how your class's atlas being completely unlocked can wield you multiple benefits? Including symbols, symbol slots, and more? The best part about the catch up system is that it includes Sparks of Evolution. So at some certain point in the game, if you're really far behind and have a massive amount of Class Sparks in your cap, you can abuse this system by staying at a LOW prestige, but gaining massive amounts of Class Sparks (Sparks of Evolution) to finish your class atlases.
You're effectively:
  • Tricking the game into thinking you're a low prestige still, thus, requiring a bigger catch up on class sparks, thus resulting in bigger bonuses.
  • Finishing Class Atlases earlier, unlocking class symbols earlier, and getting more DPS quicker.
  • Staying at a lower prestige, but having the option of choosing which class you wish to experiment with since you'll have most of them maxed out.
Neat, right?
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
All of this information has been written and typed out by @VannStrife. All words and information are in @VannStrife's opinion, if you don't like it above, give valid reasoning and I will change it accordingly if I agree with your logic! I'm not the best Skyforge player by any means, but I do know a lot about the game, so if someone knows something that I don't, please speak up!
By all means, this is a group effort. There are so very few guides or collaborations of information that are readily available to Skyforge newer players, and I'm hoping this is a guide that is widely spread throughout the community as a valuable resource. If you know a section that should be included, please list it and give me any information you know about it. If you think I missed something, please let me know. If you need to get ahold of me, you can join the Discord that I've spread throughout the thread. I hope this is enough information for anyone getting started, and please spread this to everyone that you can! You should be able to find this, near the top of the "" page. This helps a lot to spread! If this gets stickied, then I will include all renditions and changes and whom inspired these changes... credits will be given!
Do you need additional help understanding? You can join the community discord for help, group finding, builds or anything else you could need! (
List of Changes
  • 11/Aug/2016: Posted thread, credit to @VannStrife.
  • 12/Aug/2016: Partially updated thread with first day comments from Reddit users.
  • 12/Aug/2016: Updated faith costs, invasions, frequently asked questions, and bracket information.
  • 12/Aug/2016: Added new sections to the Table of Contents allowing for more expansion on confusing areas.
  • 12/Aug/2016: Added a second part of the guide, effectively splitting it in half for more room to type.
  • 13/Aug/2016: Completed all sections currently in the guide. Awaiting feedback. Left credits.
  • 22/Aug/2016: Updated information, added new section of player created guides.
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2014.07.25 01:36 DeathBiChocolate [MISC] This needs to be said (post quality)

Let it be known that I browse this sub too much for the quality of content on it. Recently we have seen some people bring up certain categories of posts, (most recently the TH7 uproar which I completely agree with) and I would like to bring up some other types that I find quite annoying and useless.
If I've missed any post them in the comments, this is all I can think of at the time. I think this subreddit really needs an overhaul on what is acceptable content, as this kind of crap blocks out useful content (ie. in 2 close wars I posted a HWYA as a TH9 looking to attack another TH9. 0 responses). And to everyone saying just downvote, I do. But when theres like 10 upvotes because I swear to god some people just upvote everything, it doesn't do much.
Tl;Dr Content needs overhauling /rant
EDIT: Someone asked for suggestions, i.e. what should we post.
Again, comment below what you think are good posts.
Also, the MISC category is much too broad. This, combined with the fact that people are lazy and dont categorize posts making them all MISC nullifies the usefullness of the filtering.
In no way am I targeting or hating on the Mods. I love you guys, I think you do a great job. However I am voicing my opinion on the subreddit. I know you guys have lives and things to do, this is just my opinion. You guys are great.
Finally, in response to people saying take the fucking survey, I did. However I decided that I could better express my ideas -and get other peoples ideas who did not take the survey- to the general public instead of hiding my optional comments in the survey.
EDIT 2: Forgot a good amount. Thank you all for your comments, I've added some more to the list as per your suggestions below.
EDIT 3: Everyone is all up in arms about me saying TH7 shouldnt be on this subreddit. Thats not what I'm saying. I'm saying 90% of TH7 posts are "hwya this base that should be mass dragoned?" or "how to farm for BK". These are simple and have been answered billions of times. If you have a quality post (ie. that Stingray base design post) go for it. But nobody cares for your "what to upgrade next?" posts. Also calling me a whiney no life brat with my head stuck up my ass doesnt really do much for me in the way of valuing what you have to say.
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2012.04.01 18:28 tabledresser [Table] starcraft: Hi I'm 2GD, A host, Commentator, Event organizer, ex Fnatic GM, CEO, Twitch contractor, ex Pro, DreamHacker, BLC eSport Manager, Honest mofo. AMA

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Date: 2011-12-16
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Questions Answers
For anyone who would like to get into e-sports, not on a playing side, but more as an event Organizer or Host, how would you recommend they do it; Not the boring way, the 2GD way? Turn up to an event I'm meant to be hosting, Find me at the strip club nearest my hotel the night before. Introduce yourself as a fan, Offer to buy me a drink (this will go down well) later ask for an autograph but only after you've won me over with drinks, After you've got my autograph, proceed to get me drunk and buy me dances, while bigging me up to the girls, If you've turned up with enough cash I should be out by 4am, once I pass out. Declare to everyone I've had enough and take me back to my hotel room. My keys are normally in my Coat.
As you walk into the Hotel reception make a note to the receptionist I'm not feeling great, while telling me off for getting drunk before tomorrows big show! Once inside the Hotel room take my Phone and text BOSS DH "Hi Rob, I cannot be arsed commentating your little event, its not nearly big or awesome enough for my royal self, I'm off to the beach to look at bums. but don't worry I not a prick I found someone else to host. hes brill!".
Head back down to reception and exclaim I'm very asthmatic and somehow I've been put into a smoking room, tomorrow I have a big show and as my Agent if I am to sleep in that room it would not bold well (I always book smoking rooms). Once you've got a new key made, move myself and my belongings to the new room, but make sure you put a DND on the old room, the hotel cleaners probably wont get an updated list on the room change that morning, so they wont go in. and when the DH people come looking for me, I'll be in a different room + phone off. Once you've put another DND on my new room, Take the Autograph you got from me in the strip club, and proceed to write above the signature.
"Sorry Robert, I just Cba, This is hes gonna host. as I said last night, hes brill, pay him what you were gonna pay me" Signed James 2GD Harding.
Turn up to either the event with this note or reception in the morning when DH meet for breakfast, explain you're the new awesome host. But make sure you take full advantage of the free smoking room the night before that no one is in. maybe order some porn on the TV also. I mean fuck it, you've come this far, go nuts! shit the bed.
Do you coach? I mean can I pay you for lessons? cause for someone thats being told that she's "lawfull good" I think that sounds like a pretty fun night out... not sure about the strippers though but heck... I will corrupt any girl for free.
When you fell asleep live on air with Joe Miller, were you trolling him or just very tired? How pleased are you with that moment in retrospect? I was Actually very asleep, We did a Counterstrike match that was so boring, I had my feet up on a chair off screen, I had my eyes closed the whole match and between rounds would say generic shit like "Nice round, but they need todo better if they wanna take this one" by the time the game was finished I was so releaved I could go sleep, but then Joe went and found another fucking game. Dignitas vs someone, So I just passed out.
I was so tired due to a side project I was trying to build "" A website that would track tournament stats on players across multiple games. Never got it up (Queue bad jokes here)
I like how it turned out, But Joe purposely didn't wake me up, cus we were always the bad ones in the office, so whoever was the WORST one would get more shit from the boss :) Needless to say they tried to give me shit, I explained it was amazing TV and I should get a pay rise.
Did you get to sleep with that chick at Valencia or not!? Tell us you sly fox! Thing is I didnt wanna host that event, so DreamHack pleaded I would host this event. So I cheekily requested they would fly in any girl host I wanted so I could try and bang her after the show. you know like a gentlemen Well she emailed DreamHack back saying her + 1. they kept that a fucking secret from me till the day of the event. cunts. I'm gonna nail Roberts first born girl when shes of legal age. YOU HEAR THAT ROBERT, WERE BE FAMILY SOON!
Would you be so kind as to drop some juicy SC progamer gossip? Naniwa threatened to kill a DreamHack admin, he was going to get a ban for life, Odee came in to save the situation. Oh Naniwa, Your crazy, but I get you man, Like totally get you!
Please dont kill me.
Please tell me it was Hellspawn. Please. It was Hellspawn.
Do you get in trouble ever for the things u do? I dont get in trouble, Mainly because one I made x amount of money in eSports I promised todo as much for free as possible, I've hosted and commentated all events for the last 1 year and 9 months for free.
Underaged alcoholic in a 40 years body thank you very much. But we understand you aspire to be a 40 year old Alcoholic in a 18 year olds body Robert.
You get it? you get it? you get it? IM TALKING ABOUT SEX WITH 18 year old girls! Me and you, Saturday night. its on!
If you do so much for free, from what do you live? I charge some people, just not events who are still growing, so all hosting + commentry = free.
Why didn't you host DH:W11? We missed you. :( I was running the Twitch TV Players Lounge. I figured it was an important step to show events and players how players should be treated. We had free drinks, snacks from 10am-10pm. PC's to chill, a Pyshio who works with the Great Britain Olypmic team. My mum was even there as a hostess! she put the food out. and thats all she did! DONT BELEIVE ANYTHING TLO SAYS.
I'm not a big fan of myself hosting, I've arranged DreamHacks host for 2012 and its not me, if he fails I will do cameo appearances.
Where do you see yourself in next 10 years? I'm sure it will be gaming, but will you focus on some specific game that you are looking forward to or will roam around? Also, did ESL stuff fall apart mostly because Carmac hated WoW or...? :D. 10 Years, I will become eSport commissioner. and I will review peoples games to be allowed as an eSport or not. I'll probably have a monocle also.
Carmac Runs ESL, but Intel control it ;) WoW died cus one commentator got fired (matt rider) the other rage quit (2GD) I miss WoW, I will invest some money for upcoming tournaments + D3.
I would give my firstborn child to you but i cannot support you in brining WoW back, let esports live ! Hydramist and NAO are doing monthly tournaments, they get a good amount of viewers for very small prize money, if that is WoW eSports until the Blizzard Invitationals. thats good enough!
I thought you were gonna become my king? :( (I'm swedish :)) Deal.
Honest account of what happened with zalmah and where is he now, does he play sc2 and are you two friends? Me and Joe Miller would complain about Matt Rider allot to Sven the CEO of ESL TV. He was always late, never prepared for shows, did nothing in office hours other than be high or read books. but fucking hell, he was sooo good on camera.
One of the things I learnt in that German company was never to expect compliments from Germans. when me and Joe would complain about Matt, It was more us saying hey... were good, not hey hes bad. but it was decided after a couple of really stupid incidents from Matt (Having a party and doing drugs in the ESL.TV Studio after hours and so on, that he was axed. So they fired him which was a mistake, I think they should of just lowered his wages till he could perform a little better within the company hours. but he was irreplaceable on camera, he was a genius in his own special way :)
He currently lives in Berlin with his GF who works with special needs kids, which is quite useful since shes dating Matt. He works as a Community manager, his twitter is @RiderMatt and were still cool :)
A follow-up question: was this (you telling Zalmah that you, in fact, are wearing a lumberjack shirt too) planned/rehearsed/whatever, or you managed to perform the sickest burn in the history of mankind right on the spot? Also, was he actually kind of crying there? Everything me and matt ever did, was all on the fly. nothing rehersed. cant spell that word :)
What type of game do you think is currently missing in eSports competitions? A 1v1 FPS Game, I actually designed one. I think Quakers r a little bored with Quake overall and we need fresh blood (new players), but we wont get it due to the game play being quite old.
I designed a new FPS duel game called "Reborn" its meant to play like quake with a more advanced movement and weapon system, with integrated tournament system, ladders, tour UI and a whole bunch of competitive features I helped implement into Bloodline Champions. I have a meeting with an investor to raise 2.5 mill, I could get the whole game done in 2 years tops, which would still beat quake 5 by 3 years i'm guessing.
One can dream.
Is this an idea concept art for this fps? Yes those are concepts for the game, A sporty type model for the players, which can be customized with logos and more. Its designed by Baxter, Stunlock Studios old Concept Artist. The shape and torso are very important for FPS duel games. and where you can customized and well not customize :)
"like quake with a more advanced movement" Cpm? No, not like CPM :) CPM is good as CPM, dont need a remake of that.
Related question: Did you like playing Oddjob in Goldeneye? Nah that woulda been gay. one shot kills, pistols only. he was banned :)
Did you get the apartment with the hot tub and stuff? And srsly, why not? :> I got it, its 350 sq metres, 4 bedrooms with onsuite showers each, 2 living rooms, a Sauna room + indoor tub for 10, and a Finnish Jacuzzi on the balcony looking over Stockholm. see what you earn when you don't give a fuck and troll people. In your face karma! oh wait reddit is about Karma right?
What do you think of this picture made on alternative starcraft communities representing you and slasher ? Link to edit : please respond. Hmmmmmmmmmmm ok so. how the fuck do I answer this?
Ok... $*!# Slasher . I like the pic cus im it it though :) god sorry for the bad answer, Slashers uselessness has worn off on me just by seeing his face.
What is your drink of choice? Scotch, Lafraugh Quarter casket. Bad, and not the Michael Jackson bad.
FPS: Quake 3/4 I was a pro gamer, won abit of money playing both. Moba: HoN im 1890 atm playing smm, Dota I was good at along time ago Arena, WoW I was the first ever pro gamer (signed + monthly salary) + won abit of cash. BLC, I'm good but dont play enough RTS: Was ok at WC3, SC2 I'm bad :)
What class did you play? Warrior, and I was actually good, not like swifty or summin. Wish I made a movie ;)
Do you see potential as en e-sports in the upcoming CS: Global Offense? CS:GO, I think the CS players and personalities will make it an eSport, they are hungry for eSport events and will follow anything now, even if its not as good as 1.6 (which it wont be) just because they want to compete more regulary like they used to (at least thats the impression I get from Carn and Get_Right). But I think CS:GO will fade away pretty quickly, 1-2 years after release.
What do you miss the most from your Quake days? I miss competing, I really loved playing on a high level. I wanna be an eSport star again, where I would smack talk all my opponents, and do crazy shit on stage in interviews.
Why are you playing HoN when you could be playing Dota2? HoN reaction time is much nicer, Dota2 they copied Dota so much, even to minicing the bad netcode (which gave us the slow movement etc). I'm not convinced Dota2 will be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. especially since Valve will only support 1 event a year.
But S2 fired one of my mates, due to their event/esport team being a complete joke and using him as an escape goat, so maybe i'll just play
Were you depressed to see WoW fail as an e-sports or did you see it coming? Saw it coming.
Was upset for the players, but blizzard had it coming, no support for the game type, along side an underwhelming eSport department.
SC2 they stepped up, but not enough for my liking's.
Are you a really cool guy? ANSWER ME DAMNIT, THIS IS AN AMA!
If you were to commentate a SC game again who would be your choice co-caster and why? (2) Were you ever trolled by Usznat? I wanna commentate mostly with TLO or apollo, we can joke and still commentate, I get bored of too serious. Usznat could never troll me, Unfortunately Carmac had very bad social skills, hes only recently over the last 3 years developed them enough to successfully troll :) But I loved his trolls on Athene, he really raped Athene. It was beautiful! GJ Michael :) I want incontrol to commentate. hes fuuuuuuuunny! but last I heard hes on porn sites getting chicks. living the dream!
Are you optimistic about a revival of the professional quake scene? Yeah I actually am, but I will do it in small steps, first a weekly show from Sweden with cash, then Monthly show matches with larger cash, then quarterly Lans. Unless someone gives me a ton of money to disappear and fuck hoo..I mean make the next eSport 1v1 FPS game. Then I might just focus on that and let Quake be for 2 years, sometimes its best to let a competitive scene die till the next game, but I don't think we can do that and wait for Quake 5.
Do you think ID made mistakes with QL? To me it seemed like they build up all the hype in the beta and then just did nothing for 1 and a half years and most people got bored/left. Agreed, It could of been so much better, but Syncerror and Sponge do a great job. Quakelive is a 2 man project sometimes. those guys deserve creds. If we want real support from them. ID , Zenimax , Bethesda have to give them real support! FACT!
What is your take on this? Do you think that it could be as big as these two? If so, what would it take for it to compete on the same level? And its fucking always Dark in the winter, what else r you gonna do apart from game like a Chinese kid who just stole your WoW account.
What's your favourite piece of IKEA furniture? Hello Uli you cheeky monkey, I'd say my 1700 Euro double bed, You helped me pick up, rent a van for, drive to my apartment and build!
Uli used to be my boss at ESL.TV :)
From your experience with co-casters who smelled the best? TLO. he smelled of the night before...
I should probably know this considering how famous you are, but I how did you get started with SC2? How long have you been in to Starcraft? I only got involved in SC2 to help DreamHack host and get commentators for their shows, I've played it a tiny bit. But I beleive SC2 has a whole host of commentators that I'm far from needed. I will continue to support those who I work with in SC2 (apollo mainly) but my efforts in SC2 will be hosting and helping DreamHack plan their 2012 "stuff" ;)
You are needed. A lot of people can work behind the scenes but your by far the most entertaining person to watch in esports so come in front of the scenes more please. I've secured a Host for European events next year, hes more of a DJWheat style, and I have a backup whos abit similar to me. so were see how it goes. If all fails, I'll come back and call more peoples wives whores.
How do you feel about battlenet not letting you use numbers in your name? Yeah it sucks ass, fucking numberists! email Mike Morhaime on my behalf, his email is [email protected] - he reads his emails too! dooo it, go against all you know that is right and sensible!
So when is the BLC and Quake live world tour happening? :P. Both tours were planned, BLC tour has gone to the hands of Funcom, who are currently stroking their beards over it. Quake Tour I will try invest some money to connect it to DHS + DHW with 2 more Lan stops. If I fail you can hate on me. But im constantly looking into ways to make it happen for cheap, My thoughts are Inferno Online in Autumn + CyberArena Cafe in Spring, I will also support Quake and BLC weekly from my new Studio in Stockholm.
Quake with Me - Fox - Fazz BLC with Me - Semmler - Mr2 - both with cash prizes.
What are your thoughts on Tribes: Ascend? You think there will be a competitive scene around it when it's out or just die soon after release? I have little knowledge, so I shouldn't answer, if its team based, wont be a big eSport. It cost too much for teams to send to players to lans.
Where would you like to see esports head in 2012? (or in the near future, say like 5 years or so.) More weekend events, where the tourney start + finish in digestible manner for the audience, More tour stops with better production around Europe, oh wait that's already gonna happen ;), more eSport cross promotion, Quake, SSFAE, SC2 are all very spectator friendly games, I dont want to see LoL, HoN, Dota2 mixed into the viewing experience, separate stream please.
I want to see more player promotion, and less team promotion. I think most teams could act as agents and still bring in the same or more money for the star players.
More girls in 2012, for me atleast.
For people new to this whole e-sports thing, how did you originally get into e-sports, and what advice do you have for people wanting to start out in e-sports? Cool question, My tactic was work hard on anything you do and be at as many events as possible, You're easily forgotten if you don't attend events. If people see you everywhere they often will give you a chance to work on something, but ofc my job was more networking and business. If you have a talent like gfx, programming you can probably just ask me for connections, I know people who are looking.
But you will have to start off on a low wage, Even as a progamer in 2004 my salary was 250euro a month, as GM of Fnatic it was 500 Pounds a month + free rent.
Commentator for ESL, 2.5k Euro a month, So it grows but you have to keep at it, stay passionate is my real advise, always give a fair deal, and never break your word. I live by those 3 in eSports.
How good are you at the game of SC2? Do you see yourself ever commentating on SC2 games? I'm actually quite good at most games (I always find time to play all eSport games), WC3 I hit level 45 played vs some pros, beat some guys in dsky, so thats my rts exp. but unfortunately I lack time to put into SC2, next year will change, If apollo and TLO will teach me while were all in Sweden I may try to commentate.
ATM i'm in placement ladder + pretty shit :)
Good evening you ridiculously handsome man, what's your favorite whisky? Which ever one you buy for me! You handsome devil you, lets get drunk together!
Alrighty then, I'll just put these in a plastic bag and we'll meet up on a classy park bench somewhere. I'm a pretty romantic guy, as you surely can tell. Deal.
How long till you are recognized as the king of the Swedes?! I just checked into a Hilton Hotel, The asked if a King sized bed is ok. I laughed and said ofc. Its obvious they know I'm the King of Sweden, but were too shy to mention it. but I applaud there little joke. silly hotel receptionists.
So no one got that DH reference...? I got it :)
Why did you have so much trouble setting up this AMA? Because i'm a PC spacktard, Simple things can be difficult for me, ask Trance our European Tech guy what its like helping me do anything :)
Have you considered dye your hair Blond now when you live in Sweden? =) No, girls love getting down with the brown! (that sounded ruder than it was intended)
Don't kid yourself, it's every bit as rude as you intended! Teehee.
So Id finally got their shit straight and hired you to make Quake V, what do you change, remove, add, etc etc? Oh god so much on gameplay that I actually don't wanna go into (a 1 percent chance I could make the next eSport game, so I'd like to surprise you), But features, Ladders.... Automated Tournament system... Naked skins. you know the essentials!
What do you know about Quake 5 and Doom 4? Will Id consider making either of them "e-sports" suited? I know I signed a NDA :)
How did your words taste when Orangemarmalade did unnatural things with a 10% health mage? It was probably the worst commentary I ever did, But holy fuck how was I meant to know he could do that.
In my mind while it was happening, I wasn't even paying attention, I was saying to myself, Ok James, here comes to end, Wrap it up, get some emotion in there, get a nice build up for a video clip later for ESL to use, then finish on something like 'SK HAVE WON, SK ARE THE IEM BLAH BLAH CHAMPIONS'. and as I was building up to the moment, OM just raped.. and I just kinda... paused then let out a weird laugh.
I only eat Jam now.
What happened with you and MLG after you got kicked off the stream with JP? I lol'd, copy and pasted the chat log to rakaka so they could make some news. and JP continued to apologize saying it wasn't his fault. Still don't know who it was. but they wont be eSport kings with that attitude :)
But I'm fine with MLG, I really like what they do. and I didn't mind being kicked. it made me lol :) I even offered to come back on.
This may be a bad question or so, but haven't heard really about the story when you hit a dude in some tournament, what really happened ? And btw, we need more folks like you in e-sports overall. Cheers Some UT gamer, was acting like a complete prick, He would walk by people while drinking a beer pointing at everyone and calling them noobs. He would sit in the spectator area watching quakers player and harras team mates of that team saying this guys shit. He was trying to pick fights with people who obviously couldn't defend themselves, physically or verbally. He was on another fucking level of retardation, I was hoping for him to do it while I was around.
Well while me, blokey and others were outside playing poker, he started on a 16 year old Danish quaker, maybe this guy thought he was safe since quakers dont fight! but what he didn't know was I played RTS on the weekends! POW (get it? cus quakers dont goto war?) w.e.
I proceeded to beat him up. he told me he would come back the next day and smash my head in with a rock (which was nice) later that night he got thrown off the event.
But yeah I don't care for fighting, but some people need a good slap. myself included :)
What was the last comedy film that you truly enjoyed? None, says something right? I'll think on it though, but nothing comes to mind. sorry for the shit answer! you can down vote me!
What are you going to do now when you are the king of Sweden? Free internet to all, eSport lessons at schools (example, woohoo Monday I got SC2 after lunch). remove systembloget and replace it with 2GD's HAPPY FUN TIME SHOP (open 24/7)
I will also request the country folk of Great Swedland never ban me for being too drunk from any and all establishments!
Will we ever see you and Zalmah together again? I miss the two of you sooo much. :' Unfortunately not. but if you remember the days we were together, you are a cool cat! Had I had said that on a show, Matt would probably meow now or summin weird... BRILLIANT!
What was the real reason for your parting from ESL? I asked for a pay rise, I got a no (so did Joe). I said If you cant give a pay rise to employees on a yearly basis who have done really good work building out your brand, You're doing something wrong. (there company business model I thought was whack back then, its got better apparently)
They offered me a laptop, Me and Joe thought it was ours to keep, but later they took it back. (2-3 months).
Final straw, Was going to a cosplay convention in the UK to host a trackmania tournament, with some CSS and talk about Alienware laptops.
I phone Neok up at 3am the morning of the flight and said I cant go... this isn't what I signed up for. I'm sorry, You can employee someone else if you can find someone (they found redeye) and pay him out of my wages. so they did, Neok asked if I knew what this meant, I said of course.
But I was happy, I didn't want to be a tool of Intel, promoting crap at non eSport locations, having the public play games on them while I talk about games I know nothing about.
So yeah, But even though I may have left, Trust me I could of been fired many times :) heheheheh.
Do you remember anything of i34? Nope. haha.
Yeah, I remember you throwing (full) beer cans at me. Good times. That coulda been most weekends, can you specify the beer?
God damn you are one sexy mother fucker. I was head hunted by both and at the same time, I flew to Vienna to talk with then to SF to talk with twitch in the same week. I joined the company who will support and continue to support the industry the most. despite were slightly ahead in tech 5 months ago. Twitch committed to my community support plans during our meeting. so they won the contract.
I guess that's not a question. Since then have built out some CDN's in Europe and will do more. but they were deffo behind. but I think both and Twitch will level out on tech and stability, and the difference between them will be who is supporting the communities and broadcasters. which I firmly believe Twitch is and still will be 5 years down the road.
Ok serious question then - I'm sure you've seen the complaints Europeans have about Twitch. They seem to prefer own3d because it performs better. What are you guys doing to improve your service for Europeans? At least If I have anything to do with it they will :) but to answer your last line, there building out more CDN's. I think next is Stockholm, which should improve performance for Nordics and Russians :)
Some people took the view that the introduction of medallions and gems to BLC ruined the 'just skill' part of BLC. How has it affected the competitive BLC scene and was that decision made to make BLC more attractive as an esport, like LoL? It was a depth thing, they thought the game lacked depth so wanted to add more ways to customize. Funcom were most likely happy this meant more money. But I think Peter the Lead designer is fucking good, the Medallion + Talent system he did, is the same as the new WoW one, so hes ahead of his times on design. I think traits need maybe some tweeking. But it hasnt helped eSports, It was meant to get in more casuals and grow the player base while not hurting eSports.
Has it worked? I guess eSports hasnt been hurt, the game is in really good balance right now, and we do have more casuals playing.
But I can see why people dislike the grind, that sucks :/ email peter the lead designer of Stunlock Studios your feedback :) [email protected] , Tell him hes bald and not buff also.
If could only cast 1 E-sport for the rest of your life what would it be, probably an obvious answer but... who would be your co-caster, assuming they had complete knowledge of answer to #1. And Why? on both.- Quake or 1v1 FPS games, Cus I just love FPS games :) and Joe Miller, cus hes super chill, a funny prick from time to time. he can really make me laugh out loud :)
He also knows Quake very well, but not too well that he makes me look not so intelligent or challenge my opinion when im basically making shit up that's wrong.
They recently implemented an option to play with the promode ruleset in Quake Live. Would it be a good idea for any organization to host a big tournament using the promode ruleset? I don't think a big org should jump at it, the community will see how it feels. I deffo think some online tournaments should try it though :) see how the pros like to play it and the viewers like to spectate it. who knows it might just save quake, since its been dying for how many years? or is it dead? damn I'll ask ESR where its at currently :)
Favourite colour? red.. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHhh.
Are you kidding me? This amount of rawr sexy doesn't need ironing. Word.
Why are you so fucking handsome? Also, who's your favourite person to cast with? Joe Miller. Hes also a great drinking buddy :)
What is the most offensive you ever said or done in public? Oh god, I was really bad as a boy at school, I could verbally break people down into tears. I was a horrible kid for abit. It lost me allot of friends later. Lesson learnt though.. my friends were pussies! hahah.
In the world of esports where you have a lot of really, really lame personalities, you have always struck me as one that is really fucking cool. I suppose my question is, do you ever plan on hosting a show that airs regularly online? I would watch the fuck out of it. Yup, building a studio for regular chill out eSport content, with a hint of drinkage and hopefully bondage!
You've had issues with MLG, is the relationship with them that bad? And if it is, do you think either side would mend that relationship at some point? I'm fine with them, I think there fine with me, But I like to work with DreamHack there just cool. and mental, hell, they listen to my ideas.. nutters.
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